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    Welcome to Punter Planet Community

    Visit our boutique directory for the best selection of escorts, escort agencies and brothels across Australia.
    We are one of the best reputed escort directories and clients trust us above the rest. Our uncompromising philosophy about honest reviews and real photos attracts quality escorts from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and all over the country, plus occasionally overseas too.
    For escorts, escort agencies, brothels and others wishing to advertise, we offer free and premium options. Please see prices and how to create your ad here.

    See who's coming to a hotel near you or what's new when it comes to services, parlours' rosters and many other things.

    Our Advertisers' News section is where our premium sponsors publish their day-to-day novelties, so you can see who's touring, if someone has a special on offer and lots more.

    You may want to keep an eye out for any new talent being introduced too, as often service providers use this section to announce the availability of new escorts waiting to have all the fun with you.


    Welcome to the heart of Punter Planet, where all the bad boys (and quite a few bad girls too) gather for lots of online action.
    If you are looking to post or read reviews, this is the right place for it, as we have thousands of reviews written by punters for other punters just like you. If you haven't yet, please say Hello to see all what's available and to be able to post too.
    From reviews about independent escorts, through reviews of escort agencies and brothels, to the humble massage venue down the corner, we have them all... nationally and internationally. We also offer a wide range of discussions on your favourite topics.

    While Punter Planet membership is free, unrestricted access to the reviews comes at a very affordable price.
    By default, members are able to read up to three topics behind the paywall (red area in the picture) each 24 hours. This may be enough for you, but our subscriptions are so cheap that you really shouldn't limit your enjoyment and participation on our site.
    By posting reviews over time you can kiss the paywall good-bye too. But in the meantime, don't miss out and get a subscription now. They are non-recurrent subscriptions, so you won't be locked to any contract.

    Want to pour your thoughts on a particular matter from a personal perspective? Want to read about what others are up to in their lives?
    The Blogs area will come in handy for all of that, as it gives people the chance to talk about things from their own perspective and do it as frequently as they wish. You can allow public access to your blog or limit its reach to particular users too. It's really up to you.
    While the forums are great for discussing any given topic, with all opinions carrying more or less the same weight, blog entries are better suited to revolve around the blog's authors and their thoughts.

    Here's where you'll find our members' albums with photos to share with either the whole community or just with their friends and followers.
    Escorts and escort agencies often upload their latest photo collections, and punters the pictures they want to show others or simply keep for a rainy day.
    You too can open an album or more and upload your photos today. Not only it's fun but also a great way of adding photos to your posts without affecting your attachments quota.

    If you are used to social media platforms, you will find our status updates a much familiar way of interacting with others.
    You can post a status update straight from your member profile or by using the small pencil icon you see at the top of the screen. Status updates are all about you and not necessarily about any topic in particular.
    Service providers, whether they advertise on Punter Planet or not, may post about their services and tours, add photos, embed tweets and much more.
  • CHAT

    Do you remember the early days of the Internet? If so, you surely remember chatting as one of the most popular ways of online interaction.
    Well, we've got you covered with our chatrooms. We have two, one is a shoutbox to be found at the forum sidebars. That's just for shouting anything on the go, which could be fun, and the other one is our main chatroom for more relaxed conversations.
    You just need to go in and wait until someone else enters the room. Leave the chat open in one browser's tab and soon you'll be in the company of other members.

    On Punter Planet we have two categories of classified ads, "Escort Seeks Punter" and "Punter Seeks Escort".
    For service providers they are extremely affordable or even free if they have bought a forum subscription. Likewise, a subscription is given for free to whoever buys a classified.
    For punters, classified ads are absolutely free of charge, and that's how this section originally started; that is, by punters making an offer to match their needs and budgets.

    Apart from reviews of escorts, agencies, brothels and other providers who offer sexual services face to face, we also have a section dedicated to reviews of webcam and OnlyFans performers.
    It is a fact that many women, even escorts, have been making the best out of the digital realm lately, and many offer this type of service through video chats, webcams and OnlyFans type of platforms.
    Sometimes it's a good way of gaining an idea about escorts whom you're planning to meet in a near future; so it's only fair that the quality of what they offer online gets reviewed too.

    We are willing to exchange links with owners of other websites, whether these are other forums or directories, independent escorts, escort agencies, brothels and similar businesses.
    If you are willing to add a link, simply access the section and list your website under the most suitable category. Once you've done that, please place our banner and link on your site and let us know.
    Please note that it's meant to be a free exchange of links or banners, so we'll only approve your entry once you've added ours to your website.
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    Welcome to Punter Planet's Community! To see most of our boards' content (a lot more than the small amount of topics you can see right now), you'll need to log in or create a free account. After registration, remember to validate your account via email (so please use a valid address and make sure the message we'll send you does not go to your spam folder).

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