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Don't get duped!!!

Hello lovely punters!!!   Have I got a story for you. During my hiatus away from this work I left my phone on but only checked it once a day.   Around mid April I had a distressed client telling me I needed to go to hospital due to my "best friend" having a psychotic episode.   Firstly there is alot to unpack here... 1 my best friend is a dude in syd. So not entirely sure how he would be in perth ..   2 how would the punter know my bestir???  


Skyladarlington in Musings

Idiot from last night

Last night I was working privately in Glenelg. I met a Persian/arab guy. We went up to my room and he was angry that I said we must use condom (it's stated on my add). He eventually agreed but said to me that he gets to do whatever he wants to me. I said no, we both deserve to be respected in the bedroom. Within that 45 minutes I literally thought he was going to kill me. He was slapping me in the face, forcing his tongue down my throat, punching me. Demanding everything very rudely. He could no


Brunettegirl in Idiot from last night

What is with the uprise of short time bookings?

When I do bookings it's 30mins-2hrs long each. I love seeing you all for a longer booking. My rates are tailored to accomodate a better price for a longer booking. I enjoy getting to know you and truly unfurl.   But punters come on! After 5pm I can't have the 15min booking for my girls that I currently manage. The comings and goings upset my neighbors.   30mins allows us not to arouse suspicion    Be kind after 5pm- book 30mins and above.   Xx Skyla


Skyladarlington in Too short to boogie

Scarlet Lady

Hi Punters   I’m seeking advice on who are the better W/Ls at Scarlet Lady in Clifton Hill, Victoria.   Hoping to go there tomorrow night.   Any tips would be much appreciated.   Cheers   Ondre


ondre in Seeking advice

False claims either way could be very damaging !!

G'day!! Have been noticing a lot of false reviews on workers and also false claims on a workers behalf though their service is not what one would expect it to be. This could be damaging to the wellbeing of a worker and also some clients.   So please, I would appreciate if you can, 1) post a fair review,  when you do please have some consciousness of the events at a session 2) Do not use abusive and offensuve language.   Thanks and Happy punting. 


StylesHot73 in Fair reviews!!

Greeting from the Scarlet Lady team☺️

Dear beloved gentlemen on Punter Planet,   The Christmas holiday offers us a special opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to all of our existing customers, potential customers and our lovely ladies. Thank you all for your contiguous support throughout 2023! Your attention, your support and your reviews are the pillars of Scarlet Lady Brothel.    We will be continually providing our services throughout this holiday season without any closure. May your holidays sparkle with th

Scarlet Lady Asian Brothel

Scarlet Lady Asian Brothel in Scarlet Lady Announcements

Ripped off

Has anyone been ripped off big time by a SW. Refer to my post about Alycia Heart. Paid in advance and have never seen her. $1800+ .  Wondering if I am as dumb as I appear. If any others have had similar bad luck and what have they done about it  


Dell in Curious

Threesome Escorts In Sydney

Threesome escorts in Sydney , is a service that involves three individuals engaging in sexual activity. This service might be provided by escorts who cater to couples or individuals seeking to explore sexual experiences with multiple partners. In Sydney, as in many other places, there are escorts and escort agencies who specialize in providing services for couples looking to enhance their relationships or individuals wanting to explore their fantasies involving multiple partners in a safe a

HUSH Escorts

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I think I am meant to have more shame than I do....

I can't really quite remember why I used to hide much when I first started working. I dont know if it was insecurity or just that was the norm. I remember being funny about pictures and video to a degree - not like none but must have control to keep it definitely private etc. But I have found that in my resurge I just don't give a f**k nearly as much. I am more ok to be me, the more carefully seleced angles look and also the less carefully. Perhaps it is age I don't really know. I

Melanie of Sydney

Melanie of Sydney in General Life

Un-retiring is a bit daunting

I have no idea how to what where anymore... but I am going to give it a red hot go. Looking back at the last things in my activity reel here - me heavily pregnant quite a while ago now. I had big plans to be doing all sorts during lactation and beyond but my health really was not cooperative. I'm a few apparently inessential parts down now - but every time another organ went I felt that bit better. The beginning of this year everything seemed to kick back in - my long missing libi

Melanie of Sydney

Melanie of Sydney in General Life

Dating High Class Escorts in Sydney

I understand that discussing sensitive topics is important for promoting understanding and empathy. However, it's essential to remember that engaging in relationships with sex workers is a complex issue with potential legal, ethical, and emotional implications. It is crucial to approach this topic with respect and sensitivity to all parties involved. Title: Understanding Relationships with Sex Workers: An Open Conversation   In recent times, discussions around relationships with s

HUSH Escorts

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Doubles promo

Doubles specials in perth this week!!! The girls i prefer to play with are Kast LaToy, Reigan Rous, Quinn Cartier, Cleo, and Phoenix Reign.. (Kast latoy is with me in this vid)   SPECIAL RATES   start at 600$ for 30 mins  YouCut_20230722_184430174.mp4    


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Escorts in Sydney

Unveiling Unparalleled Experiences: Exploring the World of Escorts in Australia   In the bustling world of Australia's vibrant nightlife, the companionship and allure of escorts have become a sought-after indulgence for those seeking unforgettable experiences. With an aim to delve into this captivating realm, we present a comprehensive guide to the enchanting world of escorts in

HUSH Escorts

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Craving for desire

It's midnight. The clock is ticking away and the rain is pouring its soul over the grass. It's a much needed vitality and the grass drinks it in knowing summer will be here in no time.   A semi curly slightly dishevelled red head stares out the window trying to find sleep for the night.   She can't help but think back to the booking she had just days before.   The bearded man who named her every word under the sun and yet treated her like a whore until his love inje


Skyladarlington in Musings

Girls currently jumping ship from Scarlet Blue

Just writing a quick post to keep punters in the loop, girls are currently leaving scarlet blue due to privacy concerns so if you're looking for your favourite higher end girl they're flying the nest to ivy society or Dakota dice. Real babes might be in with a contender to rival E&B for now too.    Hopefully we just end up with user friendly websites that don't rinse punters or advertiser or hold personal information.    I've always liked Locanto, love the inbox feature i

Venus Nymphs

Venus Nymphs in Sex Work Activism

that one time in amsterdam

as the start of my private escorting career i had decided it was time to see a little of europe. first trip to Europe without family i found myself on a long haul flight bound for Amsterdam.   its June 2019 - I've taken my friend with benefits who is as dirty minded as I can be and we are looking around for some debauchery.   we walked the red light district trying to pick a lady to have a threesome with.   Megan fox meets meghan markle with at least an f cup.


Skyladarlington in Musings

Stop me stop me stop me if you think that you have heard this one before

I hate to start my new blog by coming up swinging but these are the times and this is the deal   SO Melbourne is known for our impecible clientele from brothel to private i have had the best experiences with melb clients    But this week I've had 2 cancels for no good reason  , and two no shows and men offering $200 For a booking.    They may seem funny or insignificant to you but I run a business and I take it seriously and although I  have fun in My book


vincent_gallo in Vivian V Cyborg Blog

Your Mature Lover is Back

Hello, I hope you had a great Easter too. It's time to let me ease you. Relieve you of your heavy load and have you smiling for days after ..   It's what I love most about my job is making you feel good afterwards ..   Hope to relieve you soon, Kandice Lee  0467 425 956 

Kandice Lee

Kandice Lee in Blog

First Time With An Escort

It had been months since Alex had been with a woman. His work had taken over his life and he didn't have the time or energy to go out and meet someone. He was tired of feeling lonely and desired the touch of a woman. That's when he decided to do something he had never done before. He was going to hire an escort. Alex did some research online and found a reputable escort agency HUSH Escorts. He browsed through their website and chose a stunning blonde named Marylin. She had a slim figu

HUSH Escorts

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An Escort's Anecdote(s)

good morning gentlemen!   I have been in this industry for quite some time and there's a few stories I would love to share with you all if you have a minute or two.   first 1 starts at Ada Rose. I started out as a sweet girl name Misty. I had just started working there and was coached by both Chelsea- a beautiful kinky mum figure with blonde hair blue eyes and the best personality and Annette the owner. My first every shift I was lucky to get someone who was inexperienced in


Skyladarlington in Musings

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    • leghunter
      Nah all good here.  Dunno about youse, but I work and fuck hard for my ARs lol.
    • MrInBetween
      @AndyJ absolutely . @Brunettegirl   i know it’s difficult situation but justice must prevail here . Some of the best and kindest and wisest people I have known are sex workers . I and like minded fellow travellers ( ie real men ) would not let this stand . We would have no hesitation in dealing very harshly with this low life filth . Sending you love and support ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    • MylesLong
      Was there a reason you followed him across the road, I'm struggling to understand this as the common human responses in such situations  are  fight, flight, freeze ? 
    • Monkito
      Bro that's rape. Can you please just report him? Please? The whole reason you were raped was because the last few girls didn't report him, so he's going to rape again and again and again violating women left and right because nobody bothers to file a police report. How many women need to be violently raped before someone speaks up?   Here, this is the choice being made every time you don't report your rapist:
    • andrei.23
      have you tried to enter his number into payid or whats app? can even add it into your contacts to see if he has snapchat
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