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Jade Bliss

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About this blog

I'm Jade, an independent high-class escort in the city. I love what I do, but I'm not afraid to talk honestly about the ups and downs of this industry. From ridiculous client requests to the stigma we still face, I try to bring a sense of humor and realness to a topic that's too often shrouded in secrecy. 
 My goal is to empower and educate, while also entertaining. I want to break down stereotypes about sex workers by being open and unapologetic about my own life and experiences. There's a lot we can all learn from each other, if we talk with compassion and an open mind. So join me on this journey as I navigate life as an escort - the good, the bad and the absolutely ridiculous! You never know quite what to expect, but I promise we'll laugh ourselves silly along the way.

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