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Diamonds - 30/12/07 - Joyce



Originally posted 31 December 2007


After very disappointing Sunday afternoon intros at two of my favourite Sydney parlours (Interlude at Taren Point and No.1 Blackburn St.), I decided to try Diamonds, based on its generally good reviews on FIA. I was a little nervous, as I had not checked out the reviews of individual WLs to ensure I avoided any with negative assessments.


I was surprised to find there were at least six ladies available, all attractive and friendly. The receptionist offered me the choice of an all-at-once lineup, or individual introductions. I opted for the individual intros. I recommend that even if you are not offered this choice, you should insist on it.


I chose Joyce from Malaysia, partly because she has an attractive face and a good body, but mainly because of her warm, friendly smile. I booked for 30 minutes, as I considered Diamonds' price structure to be too expensive to risk a longer first-time booking.


Joyce is probably Malaysian-Chinese. She said she is 20 years old and has been in Australia for only two months. Her English is OK, but not fluent. She is about 1.58m (5 ft 2in) tall and weighs 52kg. She says her breasts are only B cup, but on her small frame they looked bigger – they are beautifully shaped and have nice erectile nipples. She has a curvy but firm bum and closely trimmed pubic hair.


I showered and Joyce returned to the room before I was out of the shower. She followed with a quick shower while I was drying myself. Joyce joined me on the bed and proceeded to give the full progression of services listed so explicitly on Diamond's website, and described so well in many FIA reviews of Diamond's ladies. I was concerned that following this prescibed path might result in a mechanical and contrived session, but I was wrong.


The cat bath concentrated on my nipples, then gradually trailed down to my groin. Joyce spread my legs very wide and licked my perineum, working to my balls and finally my very erect dick. Her BBBJ was VERY good. I had never before experienced the famous fire & ice BBBJ technique, so I am not in a position to judge how expert Joyce is at this. But, I can highly recommend it!


After a cold, then hot then another cold fire & ice session, Joyce returned to standard BBBJ. Up to this point, I had let Joyce dictate both the pace and detail of the action. But now I asked her to swing around into 69 position, which she did willingly. I was happy that I had remembered to shave just before the booking. I gradually built up the intensity of the DATY as Joyce's pussy became very wet and the intensity of the BBBJ increased in parallel. Eventually I had to stop the 69 action as I was about to cum.


Joyce quickly put a condom on my rigid dick and climbed on top in cowgirl position. Her pussy was so wet from my DATY that she did not use any lube. Her pussy was very tight and her cowgirl technique was so good that I soon realized that I would be able to cum in this position, which is unusual for me. I was surprised that Joyce was also very much enjoying this action, and seemed to be building up towards her own orgasm. I tried very hard to delay my explosion to give her time to finish first, but the more turned on she became, the more impossible it became foe me to hold back any longer. I came very strongly and Joyce collapsed onto my chest, holding me tight. I am not sure if she actually did cum, or if I came too quickly for her.


After we cleaned up, we cuddled and talked for a no more than minute or two before the buzzer sounded. Joyce then showered with me and wished me a Happy New Year as she said goodbye.


As this was my first session at Diamonds, I carefully checked the timing. The total time from enter room to exit room was 35 minutes. Effectively this means the first shower is free time, while the ending shower is paid time. I consider this perfectly acceptable, especially as the last shower was shared with Joyce.


I said at the beginning of this review that I consider Diamonds prices are expensive. But after this session with Joyce, I accept that Diamonds are providing value for money. Joyce at least is highly recommended!




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