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Sadly all good things come to an end eventually



Well its a long story but I will give you the short story.

A young girl 25 and an old man 60; 12 months of fun and games. How did it come about? Well I met Sarah at Maison D'Amour Parlor working under the name of Luna. She had only just started to try the game out and I heard about this tall Aussy girl on here and felt she just matched my requirements.


Well she did and two sessions later she left Maison and went over to NZ for a holiday, then to my surprise I got an email from her saying she was giving up brothel work thanks to me but would I like to see her privately....well I jumped at it. We had a couple of private meetings before she went away and got on like a house on fire. Why was she interested in this Old man when she could have others...not sure; money (yes) but there were times she left the envelope on the table too.


We came to an agreement that it would be a mutually exclusive arrangement while we saw each other and I truly believe this was the case. As usual special rates for regs applied and the sex was what you might say... "intimate" and inventive .


We saw each other every fortnight and had overnighters; MFFF, MFF and explored her Bisexual side many times and I enjoyed her journey with her. I looked after her with LV handbags and wallet/perfume/Manolo's/HB Lingerie and toys, ect... so although her rates for me was ridiculous, I guess the extras made up for it to her.


In early October she toured Europe with friends until early November and said I could play around but be careful. Now dont ask me how I know this but a six sense and experience told me the girlfriend she was travelling with was a new boyfriend.


I was sending her small donations to allow her to enjoy her trip and do things she otherwise could not afford. I knew she may not contact me when she got back but I trusted her and was willing for the trust to be broken. To her credit she contacted me a couple of days after she got back and we enjoyed 4 hours of intense sex. She asked for an overnight so she could pay back the the debt she felt she owed me and I arranged a night....last night near my work.


The night started beautifully...she arrived in full makeup at 3pm, white HB Lingerie, suspenders.stockings...the whole box and dice. Showering, passionate kissing toys...there was no holes barred or barriers to the sex. I had prepared dinner and we were preparing to go and have sex out on the dunes at the local beach when it got dark so we settled in to watch a video and fondle while the night closed in.


As usual I went out and phoned my wife and before I left suggested she contact her boyfriend as well. On getting back inside we cuddled on the couch and she sat bolt upright and looked at me saying that she cant do this anymore...things were getting serious with her boyfriend. I knew the time would come someday and it had almost been 12 months together. I stood her up hugged her and said it was alright, I didnt want her to feel guilt or be compromised in her self. With that I led her to the bedroom and told her to get dressed and I went to the kitchen...disappointed I must say but resigned to the fact she was a beautiful young woman and wanted to move on with her life. I respected her decision.


Sarah had packed and loaded her things into the car; I expected her to leave but she returned to me in the house with tears in her eyes. I wiped them away and said I wished her every happiness in the future and maybe she will remember me every now and then. Sarah wrapped her arms around me kissed me and thanked me for treating her so well and caring for her like no other. I felt the words came from her heart. I went with her to the door and my heart sank a little bit as I watched her go then returned to the movie with a smile on my face for her new life.


I wish her well and I will not forget her or our 12 months together. A lovely person, a beautiful memory and a large gap left behind but it must come to an end sometime...



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So True, Every good things eventually comes to an end at some point, that's why, it's good to live in the present and have no regrets when u look back.


Sorry to hear it ended for you but look the bright side, atleast she is honest with you and you got to tell her goodbye.....

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Firstly 60 not old !!! But very nicely written Clandy I guess we all have to move on in life

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if she's never going to return to this work then she probably wouldn't want her new colleagues or boss or friends to find this... i don't understand the need to share photos that could have serious repercussions to her future relationships and jobs

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Nice Clandy, its always special when two people take the time to create a connection.


I think the pics should go though, she's still only young and who knows how she will see the whole adventure in ten years, but the pics will still be on the Internet linked to sex work - somewhere...

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Wow Incredible Story! Very touching.. I would love to have a Sugar Daddy arrangement like that with such an incredible connection.

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Clandy, I'm glad you had that 12 special months. Speaking as one older punter to another, I understand perfectly. This has only deepened my respect for you. And I must say that Sarah has behaved with decoum and honesty also.

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Beautifully written....but there another 2 people in this story.you said you're married right, how would your wife feel if she found out about the other girl..and also how would her boyfriend feel if he new what was going on. I'm not knocking you mate, you wrote it beautifully, but when you're married to someone, you shouldn't be making such a close connection to another.Thats my thoughts on it...

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Great story Clandy. You're a true gentleman.


At least you both went on a very enjoyable ride knowing full well one of you would get off somewhere. Yes, all good things must come to an end.


Gotta say she's a real hottie.. :)

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Amazing story. She looks mighty fine too. Chalk it up to a very memorable life experience. You're lucky to have had it.


I believe everything happens for a reason.

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Lovely story, but tend to agree with the others that the face pic should go.

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Beautifully written....but there another 2 people in this story.you said you're married right, how would your wife feel if she found out about the other girl..and also how would her boyfriend feel if he new what was going on. I'm not knocking you mate, you wrote it beautifully, but when you're married to someone, you shouldn't be making such a close connection to another.Thats my thoughts on it...


The thing is, unless you are the other woman you don't know what is truth and what's guess work.

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Well things certainly have a way of changing..after 6 months who should contact me....we are meeting again next week for 3hrs. The gods have smiled on me again!

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Today 03/5. It was just like old times, met passionately and hungrily kissed each other,seamless transition and 3hrs went like 1hr.

Laughing, Sex till we were exhausted, deep conversation, masturbation and Toys.


We both decided that the 4 walls of a motel room created a safe place for our fantasy's. We both love our partners but need a kinky side to our lives and we fit each other like a glove. Monthly visits from now on as its hard not to keep our hands off each other.

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Clandy, you (not so) old softy. 😉

To find and nurture such a connection, with whomever and in whatever circumstance, is rare and precious. I'm sure the experience has enriched you both immeasurably. It can however take you to a place that is both beautiful and potentially dangerous with a ripple of consequences in the future despite going in with your eyes wide open. 

I wish you all the best.

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Cheers Clandy

most of us have been there in some form or another.

Normally not documented and put into words, tender feelings with passion is very powerful and when emotional bonds are formed , hurt can occur, but the experience is worth it, learning of one’s self to a fuller meaning.

One door closes, another door opens and new experiences to be lived.

Clandy, always the gentleman

Thanks for the blog,  a review with feelings and lifelong thoughts 

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