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the only thing that i wanted to save from that Other place



Now i realise that this happend a long time ago but this is the only copy of any reviews that i have posted on that other site.

this punt was on the 24/02/08


Well i was reading some of my old posts and came across my original review of Jennah.

What was i thinking, an all to brief review on a wonderful lady, so i thought i would start again but this time review a more recent adventure with her.


Sunday arvo at home bored and horny i have a few spare hours so i figure i would ring around and see who's working. First up the Presidential,

I was told two ladies on this afternoon and Jennah was on her way in, didn't even ask who the other two were, booked Jennah for three o'clock, cool this gives me about an hour to get ready and head up.

But just before i head off i decide to ring to make sure Jennah has turned up or isn't running late only to find that she has canceled her shift and will be in tomorrow, Dammit! OK i ask can i book her for tomorrow then ? yes no problem is the answer so we try for 3 the next day.


Given the previous days events i ring ahead to find out if Jennah has showed up today, She's here right now is the reply so great I'm off.

All the way up in the car I'm thinking i really want to have some hot freaky sex with her, so by the time i get there I'm ready to go.

Well when I'm inside and business is taken care off, Jo leaves to fetch Jennah and i was greeted with a warm kiss and a hug, then i get to follow those legs of hers off to the room, where i get another more passionate kiss and hug, we chat about what we have gotten up to since the last time we met and both agree that i has been to long between meetings. so its off to the shower for me and off goes Jennah to freshen up and bring back some drinks.


Now for those of you who have met Jennah before you will know how incredibly sexy this lady is. She looked immaculate in the black dress and heels. almost to the point that i didn't want her to get naked but that all disappeared when she removed her clothes, did i say how sexy she is ?

Anyway we kissed fondled and played around for a while until little robb is well and truly ready for some lovin, Jennah has awesome skills with her mouth and tongue and i could have gone right there and then but she stopped and decided the we should fuck now! great idea i think, and Jennah climbs on top for a little cow girl action, well the next fifteen minutes is like something straight out of a porno flick lots of position changes dirty talk, and finally a furious doggy style on the end of the bed, sweat pouring of me and with Jennah moaning and rocking about does it for me and i explode and fall in a heap on the bed.


After a drink we decide to have a quick shower and freshen up for round two.

This time we start with some oral with me standing up and her siting on the floor looking up at me, she suggested that i should come there and then with her giving me head, but as good as that sounded i wanted to have some fun of my own with her, so i tell her I'm going down on her, pick her up off the floor place her on the bed and start on her beautiful pussy its not long before she's moaning and moving around the bed with me trying to chase her with my tongue, but to both of our surprise the buzzer goes and we both wonder were did the time go, well there was no way i was going to stop now, so i ask her should we extend? all the while I'm asking her this, i am gently licking her and sucking on her, can we please is the reply, so we extend.


well i wasn't finished with her yet so we return with a bit of mutual oral and passionate kissing and so on, then its time for some more porn style sex, to see such a sexy lady bent over the bed clutching the sheets saying that she is going to fucken cum and don't you stop, is a real turn on and a bit of an ego boost i must say, well i mange to hold out for a while but all this is getting too much and seeing her in what i hope was the first throws of her orgasm was too much for me and i almost pass out with the intensity of the orgasm that we shared together. well the next few minutes are spent recovering and just laying together not saying a lot, just enjoying the after glow of a hectic fun filled and passionate time.


well we decide to have another shower and play around a bit until our time is up.

On the way out i decide that it will not be so long before my next visit and promise to return soon.


I hope i haven't bored you guys with this review but i felt that my original review was inadequate and did not give justice to this wonderful lady.


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