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Private (VIC) - 16/10/08 - Taylor Wonders



Not always I blindly follow tips I find on this or other forums, because, as they say, not everything that glitters is gold. However, after a while of writing reviews and reading those written by others, you realise that occasionally some things that glitter are indeed gold.




So, almost a year ago it only took two reviews about the same girl for me to see the radiance that emanated from them. And so it was that during a Melbourne visit, I decided to look for gold by visiting a girl called Taylor. She worked in parlour that was off the beaten track for an out-of-town explorer like me.


Now, due to a couple of misunderstandings and the fact that back then Taylor did not have a direct access to those reviews, this lovely lass would be somehow shocked of hearing somewhat exaggerated versions of what had actually been written. As a consequence, those brave adventurers who first reported about her became martyrs for the punting cause.


With that in mind, Little AJ and I approached this mission with the utmost care and did not reveal our identity to this gracious maiden. And after some of the brightest shining gold was seen by these very same eyes, no review was posted for the masses. I always wondered what Victorian Taylor made out of this New South Welshman booking her unseen but most legends have some inexplicable parts.


One year later, and Taylor has become acquainted with FIA and its characters, including my online persona. I never assumed that Taylor would know what client I was, though she had a few pointers to work it out. I was thrilled to know that since she decided to launch her private enterprise as a sole operator, she would be happy to see me. There was a attempt to do so a few months ago actually, but on the preceding days she didn't feel 100% well and she really wanted to give a 100% performance; which she finally did last week, though performance feels like a highly inappropriate word considering the nature of our rendezvous.


Before I jump to that, here's a little bit of preamble I hope you'll enjoy. I got to Melbourne and I just had enough time to have a shower and buy a bottle of sparkling white wine at the nearest convenience store (It wasn't bad but you can certainly treat this girl to something better). The CBD service apartment I stayed in was a nice surprise actually, quite spacious and well equipped, particularly considering the convenient price I paid for it. Among the novelties, it featured a TV channel that allowed you to see the street, and as I waited for Taylor to arrive, that became my entertainment. Obviously, I thought of switching off the TV-set before fetching her downstairs, so she didn't think I was the pervert that I am! LOL


Now, she tricked me because I didn't see her arrive at all. Unbeknownst to her, she stood out of the camera range when she called me to announce her presence. With the surprise and excitement I forgot to turn off the telly and went to meet Taylor downstairs. After the greetings, putting the face "she suspected" to my online name, and visual proof that she looks more beautiful than ever, we went up to the apartment. The first thing we saw was the TV set with the street cam view, and just as I was asking the Earth to open and swallow me due to the embarrassment, Taylor - showing a mischievous smile - exclaimed: "Wow, this is awesome! How did you hack into it?" :)




Needless to say, Taylor is a fantastic conversationalist, and for those who haven't been lucky enough to meet her, I'll say that she's in her twenties and has a size 8 figure with natural C cups, long blond hair, unbelievable blue eyes which contrast with a very nice overall tan. She is extremely feminine and it shows in everything she does. Look up for the word "class" in the dictionary and you'll find Taylor's picture. (But don't let that fool you, as her picture is also to be found under "voracious sexual appetite")


As I poured some wine for us, Taylor went to the bathroom for a second and when she came back, she did it parading some exquisite lingerie for me (if only she knew how many times I perved at women like her in clothing catalogs!). Even if this looked like a dream come true, I won't attempt to describe the skimpy garments she was wearing (after all, I'm a bloke and not a gay one), but they did feature a hot-as-hell pair of fishnet stockings.


After a very nice chat, we moved to the bedroom for the sexual fireworks… and would you consider me too vain if I told you that these could put those of New Year's Eve to shame? I hope not, but in all honesty, the credit should all go to her.


After 100 reviews I've shared with you, I'd take offence if you don't have at least an idea of the naughty things I like to do to these gracious ladies, and when it comes to Taylor, she certainly behaved like she had read all of them, and not only she happily obliged but she also became a passionate participant. Apart from her beauty and warmth, Taylor seems to be very conscious of her clients' satisfaction, as much as she is of her own; and like the best operators, she demands proof of it and won't relent until she obtains it.


I don't know if you will have the same great experience I had, particularly because she's just starting her way into this activity as a private, and it's always good to remember that your mileage may vary. But nothing would make me think otherwise if you treat her with the respect she deserves. Saying that I look forward to seeing her again would be a silly understatement.


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Posted 26th November, 2008 - 10:38am


Following with my recent Melbourne adventures, I had the extreme fortune of catching up again with this exquisite lass on Saturday. No need for a new review (as I'm planning to keep seeing her as often as I am able to, distance considered), but great moments were had. As an aside, this girl has a wonderful taste when it comes to lingerie or just makes anything look good when she wears it... or actually both! :)

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Damn, but your a busy little beaver, lucky, lucky.

Tastefully written I might add.

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