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  2. Hound Doggy

    What is with the uprise of short time bookings?

    Sign of the economic times for the majority is my educated guess.
  3. When I do bookings it's 30mins-2hrs long each. I love seeing you all for a longer booking. My rates are tailored to accomodate a better price for a longer booking. I enjoy getting to know you and truly unfurl. But punters come on! After 5pm I can't have the 15min booking for my girls that I currently manage. The comings and goings upset my neighbors. 30mins allows us not to arouse suspicion Be kind after 5pm- book 30mins and above. Xx Skyla
  4. Last week
  5. Haha. That’s one of my number one pleasures with Escorts but never partaken this at BR.
  6. Yeah . Just don’t give any of them a rimming as you might regret that
  7. Ive Seen Evie nice enough girl but found her to be a bit pushy with extras. FS price seems reasonable pussy play is a bit out there.
  8. You Sound quite Young. As Far Bodyrotic is concerned its advertising itself as an erotic massage parlor Nude Body 2 Body massage service I don't believe the girls are obliged to get tested a lot probably do it for there own piece of mind. if your getting Natural services quite regularly with low end providers would be common sense to get tested every once in while. everything in life has risk driving a car going out in the sun etc there's a lot of things worth worrying about in life this would not be worth giving a second thought about.
  9. Great review and glad you enjoyed the experience without spending excessive amounts of money. More often or not a good HJ is better than FS. And yes I have seen Evie . She is lovely
  10. Pretty sure the risk of picking up an STI from a handjob is very low, maybe things have changed since I did sex ed at school.
  11. Dropped in to BR to see the line up this evening, saw a couple of girls and settled on Evie as she seemed friendly and outgoing. We went to the room, had a bit of a chat, extras were on offer: $100 pussy play, $200 FS. I'm not really coming to BR for extras so declined both. She suggested that if I wanted anything else I should ask, I didn't, so I didn't. Quick shower, lay down as she undressed, noticed more closely that she has some really unmissable tattoos. She proceeded to give me quite a soft massage, which happened to be perfect based on how I was feeling at the time, she did a bit of reaching through the table to give me a grope and a tickle, it was a short session so there wasn't that much time for that sort of fun. I flipped over, she oiled me up and got started, she directed my hands towards her quite large natural breasts, she seemed to enjoy me playing with them, or perhaps she enjoyed seeing me turned on by them. Her hand technique was alright, personally I think she was too focused on making sure I came on her tits rather than maintaining a good grip and speed, but I definitely got there happily. Into the shower she goes after wiping me off and laying a towel over me, then I shower and we wrap up. The stand out feature of this session was really how lovely she was, Evie has a very outgoing personality and I think her bio - down-to-earth with a sweet smile - really is accurate. Would recommend for anyone looking for a pleasant time with a lovely girl.
  12. Evie|February|2024|Massage|Bodyrotic||(02) 9557 7999|[email protected]|https://bodyrotic.com.au/masseuses/?m_id=2180||Real, slightly retouched|$300|New South Wales||Establishment's Venue|Monday|Evening|26 - 30|Caucasian / European Origin||Very Good|Red|Short|Blue|Pale|Tall - Above 170 cm / 5'7" |Curvy|8 to 10|DD and above (Extra Large)|No, natural breasts||Several|None, no piercings|Yes, intercourse||Unsure|No|No||Yes, handjob|Yes, rub-down|||||Very pretty|Outgoing|Great service
  13. Some scare easier than others . And some should be scared . After the deed is of course the best time to be tested lol
  14. Get tested afterwards if your worried scaring the poor bloke
  15. I doubt it. Are you ? If you’re worried it’s best to avoid girls or places that offer any form of FS,daty etc
  16. Does anyone know if the girls are regularly tested for STI/STDs? Planning a visit soon and have been feeling more worried about this lately.
  17. Not sure.. I've just jumped on their website and it looks like they've got a bunch of newbies in too. She's definitely one of the more responsive ones.
  18. Can Anyone Vouch for Nina? https://bodyrotic.com.au/masseuses/?m_id=2319
  19. Areumbina

    Areum Bina

    Hi, I’m Arem, but you can call me Ari – I suspect it won’t be long before we’re on a first name basis. Have you imagined what an evening spent with me might be like? Allow me to give you some hints. As someone who loves nothing more than indulging in moments of carefree intimacy, I will quickly pique your curiosity. My boundless joy and passion for life is all encompassing and will have you absorbed in play and affection – while my delicate features, divinely feminine figure, and sweet smile will become the instigators of your desires. As an avid listener and deeply empathetic person, you’ll be greeted with eager enthusiasm and a warm welcome. I exude authenticity in every embrace, and I consider every encounter a rare opportunity for a genuine, lasting connection. You’ll notice I’m well-groomed and well-mannered, but playful and mischievous in all the right moments. I love to tease and keep you guessing – and a little light bondage is my favourite kind of foreplay. People find my up-bringing enticing, and I love to share stories with my lovers. Educated in the small German-settled towns of Australia, I have an awareness and softness that tends to put people at ease. It is essential for us to feel safe and secure in each other’s presence, as this will create the space for pure, uninhibited pleasure. Overtime, I’ll become your loyal confidant, your lustful companion, and your enigmatic muse. I have the emotional and physical stamina to be everything you need, all at once. Keep in mind that I am selective with my clients, and always choose investing in quality over quantity. If you would like to get to know me, it is important that you are always respectful. Kindness goes a long way! So, are you in the mood to play?
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  21. Well we have a nice batch of new advertisers to introduce to you, with some brothels re-opening soon after a while, so please welcome the following service providers: Studio466 Brothel in South Melbourne Bambra Studio in Caulfield Everly Wylder in Newcastle Miss Eva NV in Sydney Roxy in Melbourne Madison Rush in Sydney Lilsophia in Melbourne Ava Grace SA in Adelaide (Welcome back!) Emma in Sydney Ellaamayy in Brisbane And Sweetalicia, Brazilian in Chicago Please visit their profiles. I look forward to your comments and reviews.
  22. Surely this is for 2 girls as its double the price. Then again, some guys pay this.
  23. Doesn't allow kissing is a deal breaker for me. Otherwise she would be perfect for a white girl.
  24. Gather that from the prices geez, these are standard prices without the deluxe etc. Light body touching hehe.
  25. Simple_Punter

    Club 741 - January 2024 - Ivy

    Thanks for the review - i agree! Ivy is a cutie with great body and she is a good provider! She loves this industry and it shows through her service. Very friendly and bubbly personality which = enjoyable time with her. May be time to visit her again
  26. Even more of a reason for me not to bother going ever again.
  27. Tony Clifton

    Club 741 - January 2024 - Ivy

    Thanks @Tdog86 for the review. She certainly looks cute in the pic above.
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