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  2. Mortein is 100% correct on this one
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  4. ^^ Blame your mate then. There is enough intel on PP re Langtrees and they all scream AVOID!! @AndyJ, this review belongs in the Langtrees folder.
  5. Second review i've just read that spoke of her glowingly. I'm happy to have my a booking with her today. Cheers for this. there's nothing more appealing than a girl that enjoys what she's doing.
  6. She seems to be quite a popular choice. I just made a booking this morning and the 'earliest' was later in the afternoon. The photos of her look insane. Been a while since i've been to Bodyrotic so hopefully i'll get just as good of a service as you did my friend.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Never did with me. She does arrange to call you for a brief chat before she agrees to the first booking.
  9. Definitely repeating my ideal Australian babe
  10. Does she require a deposit? If so, how much and what methods?
  11. Last week
  12. Amazing RnT service from Kelly one of the best I have experienced
  13. That is a very lovely experience.
  14. Yeah, if you click there are plenty of extras on offer.
  15. Haven't seen Indigo no the roster or late. Has she moved on ?
  16. We are running a tad late in welcoming our latest advertisers, but please say hi to the following talents: Ms Gabrielle in Brisbane Yazmin in Melbourne Destiny Starr in Sydney And Ally Ally in Sydney Please welcome them to PP!
  17. I had a regular session with Max. Unbelieavably good. Gets my blood flowing and my body erupting. Really clicks and great fun. Max provides those additional treats for clients who treat her well and frequent regulary and establish rapport. Beyond my wildest expectations. Still hard today thinking about Max. Love you girl, keep up the hard love.
  18. Max|June|2024|Massage|Bodyrotic||0295577999||||100% Real|$300|New South Wales||Establishment's Venue|Weekday|Evening|26 - 30|Asian Origin|Korea, South|Very Good|Black|Long|Brown|Tanned|Short - Under 160 cm / 5'3"|Athletic|6 to 8|C to D (Medium to Big)|Yes, enhanced|Neatly Trimmed|None, no tattoos|One or two|No|Sex Buddy Experience|Yes, Light Kissing|Unsure|Unsure|No|Yes, handjob|Yes, rub-down|Yes, additionally|MFF straight doubles|Dominant and/or Submissive||Model material|Fun|Out of this world!
  19. Wondering if Lola is similar in looks to Freya or Rain?
  20. Bronzedaussie69

    Idiot from last night

    Jesus I just read your post in full.. I made that comment before reading it properly. What a low life. That is a job for the police. He has to be stopped and you can claim a compensation for victim of a sexual assault. You need to post his picture everywhere. Name and shame on Facebook, on every sec worker site. Should have keep anything with his DNA. Could also put his pic in Arab sights and post boards. Family surely will see it
  21. Bronzedaussie69

    Idiot from last night

    That’s a good idea. I also think a well trained viciously responding dog in the other room is a great surpluse for those who wish to think they can do whatever they want . They are scum in the same category as pedophiles, cruel to children and animals and elderly. Should be shot a birth. No point in letting dregs like that live. His mum should of swallowed
  22. Craigo964

    Hairy / Unshaven

    Time Left: 24 days and 11 hours


    Looking for a lady with lovely hairy armpits and full bush in Brisbane 18 - 50. Paid of course, please get in touch.


  23. You Can ask whatever you want Mate within reason . word of advise don't waste your time trying to broker extras unless your willing spend Upwards of $300. You do realize Stilettos is down the road will probably work out cheaper. extras at BR are for suckers.
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  25. Allyally

    Ally Ally

    Visiting Sydney ! Naturally beautiful, mature, down to earth country girl. 100% Australian. Message for more info xx
  26. Can I ask what extras Max asks? I know ymmv
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