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  2. @JamesBond.007 Francesca will offer you a choice face up or face down I'm guessing others will too just askat intros
  3. Having read some reviews on another forum I looked at the roster and booked Mira at the first opportunity. (As I parked outside the shop, the Mamasan from another shop phoned me and told me that a very popular girl, who has been off the radar for a while, had said she was going to turn up for work today for a first day at that shop. I was very tempted but decided to stick with my existing booking. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to see this other girl again very soon.) I entered and Mira was called. I paid and was given the little sample flask of mouthwash – the receptionist told me “That’s the only thing you’ll get for free in a brothel”. Mira led me up those bloody stairs to the room. She is pretty with shoulder-length blonde hair and was wearing a backless dress which hinted at a decent figure. I showered while Mira got her stuff and she stripped when she returned. She has a nice curvy figure (not fat but pleasantly cuddly) with natural C/D-cups and she was fully and freshly shaved. Mira lay beside me and immediately started a very good BBBJ – lovely soft and sensual lips, no teeth, good use of her tongue and hands and no interruptions. She also paid some nice attention to my balls. Mira invitingly had one knee in the air so I started to play with her clit and was soon finger-fucking her and tickling her arsehole. I let her suck me for a good while before she sat up and said “I want to sit on your fat cock” but I said I wanted to lick her and then fuck her and then cum in her mouth, so I got her to lie down for some DATY. This was great as Mira reacted immediately and was moaning and squirming and she played with her nipples as I licked and finger-fucked her. Mira said she came and after a quick breather I resumed licking her and this time she was really loud as she came again. I offered her my pussy-juice soaked finger to suck and she sexily and eagerly did so. We were both worked up so I knelt over her and she quickly dressed me and applied some lube and I went in for some mish. Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” was playing on the radio (that’s a great song to fuck to) so, with Mira urging me on, I pounded in time to the rhythm until I came (and told Mira that I’d forgotten that I was going to cum in her mouth). After the tidy-up Mira offered me a massage but I got her to sit beside me for a chat. I asked where she came from and she said she was Eastern European. I asked what country and she said Czech and Hungarian mix but she seemed a bit cagey so that may not be the case. She has been in Australia several years. I forgot to ask which days she works at Harris Park. After a nice chat it was time to shower and dress and depart – a very good session.
  4. Mira|September|2023|Parlour Worker|Mature Darlings, Harris Park|6 Station St E, Harris Park|02 9806 9717||www.maturedarlingssydney.com.au|||$250|New South Wales|||Sunday|Daytime|Over 40|Caucasian / European Origin|||Blond|Medium|Blue|Pale|Average - Around 165 cm / 5'5"|Curvy|||||||||Unsure|Yes, BBBJ (Natural Oral)|Yes, without a dam||||||||Pretty|Lovely|Great service
  5. Thanks for the detailed review h3k Could yourself or another poster clarify how it works if you'd prefer being serviced to completion lying face down, i.e. through the hole? Is that a request you can make? I've never visited an R'nT place before - I've only seen privates for this purpose - and none of them had a two hole milking table (i.e. one for face, one for penis) Any insights appreciated
  6. Yesterday
  7. pussyeater13

    A Field Guide to Punting with Transsexuals

    This was great, and very thoughtful, thank you!
  8. Got to be on of the best Ass to Waist Ratio I’ve ever seen. She really new how to position her self During the Massage using the Mirrors to her absolute advantage.
  9. @YatesB22 Can she do a Firm style Massage or only that hand sliding bullshit. How was her ass to waist size ratio?. love a big bum with a small waist.
  10. Heard Suki got a fairly Slim Body Feminine features might be more your thing. Sucks That Valentina left really wanted to see her love to mix it up a bit with slim girls and Curvy my favourite body shape is a hybrid Slim Curvy Talia was the best example she looked like an Olympic athlete with her gear off loved showing off for me using the mirrors to her advantage.
  11. Any one got intel on Dylan she sounds exactly my type. Would love to see some pics planning on Visiting BR this week there’s a few girls I got on my list.
  12. These days with PC Culture as long she’s a biological Female you’re doing alright.
  13. I have seen her. Wasn’t my thing at all. She was gentle and kind but had a very masculine jawline for me - just saying.
  14. bushmaster

    I think I am meant to have more shame than I do....

    It is very difficult for Asian WL because they are considered to be doing something disgraceful. A regular was telling me that she went out for dinner with her English language class. I asked if my assumption was correct that they were all women and not clear about how they were financing their studies.
  15. Last week
  16. What''s the old saying? - to miss out on booking Piper Jackson once may be regarded as a misfortune, to miss out on booking Piper Jackson twice looks like carelessness.
  17. Reallyjustsomeguy

    I think I am meant to have more shame than I do....

    Definitely a lawyer in real life.
  18. PlayDohBalls

    I think I am meant to have more shame than I do....

    I’m not sure if we hide things, or just don’t reveal them. For me, it depends on my acquaintances and friends. Sometimes, it’s preferable not to engage openly if I believe a particular person has fixed views that are different to mine. I don’t think it means I’m hiding things though.
  19. Reallyjustsomeguy

    I think I am meant to have more shame than I do....

    I have known WLs who were very open because they just don't want anyone in their life who has a problem with their career choice, and the logic made sense to me because work is a big part of life and having to hide it is therefore tough. Punting is generally a smaller part of a punter's life, even for quite prolific punters, so there's perhaps less incentive to be open about it for most. A secret hobby compared to a secret job, basically.
  20. Dave186

    I think I am meant to have more shame than I do....

    I suppose the urge for privacy or discretion comes down to the other connections in your life and how they might respond to finding about your sex life or interests. Just like we all probably have different friendship groups or social circles that we keep separate because they wouldn’t necessarily mix well, the same applies to this dimension of our lives for a lot of us. I suspect a lot of PP members are (relatively) open here because it can be both anonymous and disconnected from the rest of our lives. As we get older and mature we generally care a lot less about what casual acquaintance or strangers think about us (and we become a lot less judgemental about what other peoples needs and desires are) but we still have a lot of personal connections that might not see or appreciate all sides of us that we have to balance, so we end up being discreet or guarded by default.
  21. NumberFive

    Gran Erotic Massage

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  22. I can't really quite remember why I used to hide much when I first started working. I dont know if it was insecurity or just that was the norm. I remember being funny about pictures and video to a degree - not like none but must have control to keep it definitely private etc. But I have found that in my resurge I just don't give a f**k nearly as much. I am more ok to be me, the more carefully seleced angles look and also the less carefully. Perhaps it is age I don't really know. I was more coy about my kinks and what antics I was happy to jump into with others as well. Now I'm like whatever if people don't like it they can ignore, scroll past or use their neck and look the other way. I think I am meant to feel some urge to have some more privacy, or to hide the non-standard things. But I can't really figure out why? Maybe part of it is I like digging about in other peoples heads. I want to know what weird specific things they really like. If I am not open with people then they wont be open with me - so maybe it is just the cost of entry into the secret world in peoples heads. Dunno i anyone reads blogs here - but if you are here - why do you hide stuff about yourself?
  23. TOFTT and report back. Indigo hasn't been on roster for the last few weeks. Hopefully not departing.
  24. Credible. Right up there with "the cheque is in the mail" and "I won't come in your mouth".
  25. Bucket list potential. Thanks for your review of a sexually skilled courtesan.
  26. Second review about Anja in a short time. She might be doing something right. Cheers for sharing @Rocky3141.
  27. Glad you enjoyed yourself, @Bigbosshog001 and thanks for Anja's review.

    Miss Armanii Foxxx

    AUSTRALIAN NATURAL BLONDE MERMAID ARMANII... 24 years of life in me... Playful cock hungry party pussy !!! Cum fuck me!!!
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