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  • Chelsea Monk
    Chelsea Monk

    Inside A Blonde's Forbidden Wardrobe

    Inside A Blonde's Forbidden Wardrobe, Chelsea Monk - Sydney Escorts


    Dear future lover,


    I know you're a visual creature.


    You might think this is solely a male thing.


    But guess what, us girls are visual too!

    Just for different reasons...


    Now usually a girl would never let anyone, especially  a man, into her secret forbidden wardrobe, where all manner of naughty goodies are kept. You know the sorts, it's where a girl keeps her very best surprise for a new lover she's trying to impress, or a guy she wants to woo. Usually, you only get to see this stuff once a year if you're lucky!

    But today, I'm going to expose it all to you...


    Let's begin with the least to most hottest shall we, and while we're at it, I'm going to share with you why I love each outfit, and more importantly, what can be done in it...



    1. My extra naughty gym outfit (the likes of which are too revealing to actually wear to a public gym)


    What; tight black itty bitty Nike shorts (the kind that rides up high in all the right places!), with my  extra small black crop top.


    Why; Maybe it's the exhibitionist in me, I don't know about you, however, getting sweating and striking strange poses and suggestive moves in front of a gym full of other people REALLY turns me on. I love it when I catch a man staring at me while I squat. It makes me wonder if he's thinking of me doing it on his face..


    Do; My favourite position to do while wearing my gym outfit is to ride my man while on top, I sexily slip my tiny shorts down my arse (no panties), and crawl on top of him wile still wearing my crop top which my DD tits are bulging out of. The perfect angle for him to ogle and grab at as I bounce up and down.


    1. My Swedish maid outfit


    What; It's really just a white lace backless apron with black pumps. The lace is see through though, and I lost the matching panties, I hope you don't mind?


    Why; Perhaps it's my Swedish ancestry calling to me, however I never feel quite as at home as when I am in my Swedish maid outfit. It's true that I'm not much of a cleaner, I would actually make a terrible maid. What I can tell you though, is that I am attentive and ready to perform any task the man of the house asks of me!


    Do; You can't even imagine how hot it is to be bent over the very dining table you're supposed to be cleaning, and get taken from behind instead... Sure it leaves a terrible mess, but oh is it worth it? YES.



    1.  My ultra sexy red lingerie set, with matching bra and panties, thigh high stockings, and killer heels


    What; Picture this, dangerously sexy red lingerie. The likes of which you usually see on a Victoria's Secret model. I pair it with my thigh high stockings, and tallest high heels. The bra is low cut, so my nipples are only just contained. The g string is so fine, it only just covers me, yet still hides enough to leave you desperate to rip it off me, and reveal what's hiding underneath....


    Why; This is the kind of outfit a girl saves for months for just to buy and wear for that one special lucky guy. This is the outfit I feel absolutely sexiest in, and when I feel sexy, nothing is off limits...


    Do; I don't know about you, but when I'm in the mood, and I mean REALLY in the mood - when my mind is taken over by a naughty red haze that smells of sex, when I'm wet, and even the slightest brush against my skin makes me wetter, when my nipples are hard and dying to be attended too, THAT is when I'm so horny, that everything is on the table. I just want to give and feel pleasure. So in this outfit, the list of what we can do together, is endless.



    Now I know I promised to show you into my secret forbidden wardrobe of tricks, but to be quite frank, there's no way I could list them all, and describe in detail all the hot and naughty things I like to do in them in just this one post! In fact, after sharing the above with you it's made me realise that words just won't cut it. These outfits are so hot, so dirty, that you need to see them for yourself, to TRULY understand why they usually must stay such a forbidden secret!


    I'm new here, and you haven't gotten the chance to get to know me yet, so for new clients right now I am offering a special introductory rate as I'm dying to show you all these naughty dress ups in person!


    So just contact me via text or email, and let me know you're a new client who wants to meet and I'll send you a few pics of my favourite outfits as well as tell you the extra special offer I have right now.

    Then, you will be able to lay not just your eyes, but your hands, ALL over me!


    Speak with you soon,

    Chelsea Monk


    0458 272 408

    [email protected]


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    Thanks Chelsea.

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