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    Piper's touring dates up to May 28th 2021

    Hi there everyone! I have organised my visits for the next few months if you'd like to have a look! This will still be dependent on restrictions on borders but I hope everything will be better this year! Have a wonderful week.  Kind regards,


    Piper xx


    Location From Until
    Brisbane February 15th 2021 February 20th 2021
    Gold Coast March 2nd 2021 March 6th 2021
    Adelaide March 8th 2021 March 13th 2021
    Sydney March 14th 2021 March 20th 2021
    Sydney March 26th 2021 March 27th 2021
    Perth March 28th 2021 April 3rd 2021
    Sydney April 5th 2021 April 12th 2021
    Canberra April 13th 2021 April 17th 2021
    Adelaide April 19th 2021 April 24th 2021
    Brisbane April 26th 2021 May 3rd 2021
    Gold Coast May 4th 2021 May 8th 2021
    Perth May 10th 2021 May 15th 2021
    Sydney May 17th 2021 May 28th 2021
    Adelaide May 31st 2021 June 5th 2021

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    U r a stunning and classy lady Piper, still wishing to see u in melb one day ;). 

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    Likewise doubly from me ...still no NQ?

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