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    Dear Gentlemen, Respected Colleagues and others,


    I would like to address a few issues that have been a talking/gossip point for a little while now. Let’s start with my integrity shall we.


    A little while ago an unhappy client name shamed me on twitter for running off with a prepaid payment.  He had every right to discuss or talk about his negative experience, as I had not gotten back to him for 5 months.  He had every right to openly discuss my ‘dishonesty’ and receive support from his twitter friends to give him advice and their opinion.  Upon hearing about this from someone I reached out to the aggrieved and sent him an email with an explanation (not an excuse) and offered his refund. 

    In the process there where a lot of heated reactions by people who proceeded to call me a thief and make wild assumptions.  May I remind you this sort of human is the same human who quickly reacts with low emotional intelligence to most things and would just as easily throw anyone under the bus with no evidence needed.

    I do appreciate that they were a supportive platform for my ex-client to vent and that this created a solution for the grief and frustration he was dealing with. I also apologised to him profusely about this matter.


    As sex-work is my occupation and I do not run my mouth for the sake of hearing my own voice.  I am not at liberty to give you a reason as to why on that day in October 2017 I received a phone call and dropped everything for as long as I needed in my personal life.  I am a very transparent person to those who know me and would help anyone the best I can in anyway shape or form.  I am intuitive and empathic by nature and I wouldn’t know how to manipulate someone for my own gain. I reserve my right to privacy on this matter. 


    As for my name change:  I was hoping to blur my face with a new persona to limit the unwanted attention in airports, my local living environment and people from my past.  You would be surprised if you knew how many people ‘keep track’ of you just because they can.  I had a major breast reconstruction in January and took 3 months off to recoup.  Because of the above incident it seemed a little nonsensical to continue to blur my face when the stage name Rachel Grey had been fiercely linked with Demi Luxe. I would actually prefer to stay Rachel Grey but it’s time to build a new brand.


    Those who know me will not question me.  Those who know of me may question my integrity.  All I ask is you be very mindful of the source in which your information comes from and of course you are welcome to have your opinion and think what you want.  And those ‘others’ who like to slander others because of boredom or your own insecurities.  Those people that feel you must warn my clients and other workers with messages of warning from the evil Demi. I want to tell you this.  Your perception of me is a reflection of you; my reaction to you is an awareness of me.  If I have not responded to you in any way it is simple for this reason:  I do not value you or your opinion.  Please do not allow me to live rent free in your mind; because I can guarantee you, you are not taking up any space in mine.  I say this with love as it is not a natural way to behave to put others down and most of these people I have never even met.


    So I am going to continue to be the best escort I know how in the business of offering a great service.  I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing people in this industry and also witnessing an array of different personalities.   I am not a people pleaser however I am a connection seeker and I feel we do not have to all to get along, but it’s a nice idea to respect everyone’s differences.  I can also spot a narcissist or manipulator a mile away and we will never cross paths in this industry or lifetime(yes, I see you).


    I know two things for sure:


    1.Kindness is worth more than money 

    2.Whining and gossiping is the most unattractive and mindless act of human interaction (remember that when selling time is your profession) 



    Thank you for listening and I hope you all have an amazing day



    Demi Luxe (formerly Rachel Grey)

    Edited by Demi Luxe

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    You look great Rachael...good luck with the name change and you have enough good reviews to overshadow any negative...x

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    Slarti Bartfast


    And that is how a professional doe's it, Well written

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    Was submitted by AndyJ into her GDT:



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    15 hours ago, Mci said:

    And that is how a professional doe's it, Well written


    It is reassuring to see that there are people out there who appreciate grammar, punctuation and writing style in general. Obviously you are one of them.


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