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  • Keira Karr
    Keira Karr

    Do you know how to turn a girl on in less than 5 minutes?



    In the last 4 weeks, I've had the same question asked of me exactly 28 times!


    "What turns you on the most?"


    I would love to go into detail each and every time I get asked this extremely important question...


    However, a girl doesn't always have time to stop and divulge the intimate details of her brain in the middle of the day between classes, shopping  and seeing friends...




    I have decided to put this issue to bed, and finally shed some light on it so you can know once and for all, exactly what you can do to turn me on in less than 5 minutes!


    I know how it feels to want to please your sexual partner.


    AND I know how frustrating it can be to be in the middle of the act, and wonder what you should do to turn them on.


    Wouldn't you feel more confident if you had three go to moves that you knew were going to work every time?


    You know, I wish more men knew these three tricks...


    Because I can guarantee that if they did...


    The sex between us would be 10x more mind blowing every time!


    So, if you would like to know,


    How to turn me on in less than 5 minutes!


    Then these three little known secrets are sure to become your most effective secret weapons in the bedroom.


    1. Putting a finger in my mouth

    Now this may appear somewhat innocent, but to the mind of a natural born sex kitten such as myself, this one move is totally erotic.

    You see, I LOVE giving blowjobs, so much so that I usually drop to my knees instantly and get it started.

    However, what I have come to learn about myself, is that when a guy does this to me before I begin, the feeling of sucking on his finger and feeling my tongue move really turns me on, and gets me in suspense for my favourite move.

    Then when I actually do start, my blowjobs are even better than usual.

    This little trick really is a win, win.

    I get turned on, and you get a better blowjob!


    1. Being choked

    Now let me preface this by saying I mean light choking!

    But yes, a man's strong hand around my throat, as he pushes himself against my perky C cup tits and small body, is so erotic and sexy to me.

    Bonus points if his other hand finds itself squeezing my nipple at the same time...


    1. Getting "caught" playing with myself

    I am one cheeky minx, and god does it get me hot when I am trying to sneakily rub my clit and I am caught out doing it.

    The naughtiness of being caught doing something "forbidden" is just too enticing to avoid trying.

    When you are with me, and you notice me starting to venture down there with my own hand, take a moment to enjoy the show.

    It will build the suspense for us both and lead to even hotter sex.


    Now, there is this one other thing, that doesn't just turn me on straight away, but also guarantees me to cum EVERY TIME.


    But, even though I find it so hot, it's kinky and dirty, and it is slightly embarrassing to admit...


    I want to share it with you. But I just can't bring myself to write it here, on a basically PUBLIC forum, for all the world to read...


    I really would love for you to know. But I'm worried you will think I'm some kind of sex freak...

    Or that maybe it will be too much for you to handle...


    If you think you are one of the few men who can take my dirty little fantasy, then I would love to tell you exactly what it is.


    If you think you are one such man, then text or email me, using my below info.

    Tell me you read my post, and you are dying to know my secret sex fetish.

    And I will share it with you.


    Text or email me now.

    Keeping this all to myself is killing me...





    0487 068 629

    [email protected]


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