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May 2010 - Ladies for Gentlemen - (Sharna) - LFG Strikes Again



Called in to LFG on Monday night, it was a bit of a spur of the moment thing, and met Sharna. She intro'd well so I stayed for 30 minutes for $140.


Sharna is a tall, maybe 170-175 cm, slim, attractive lady in her early 30s. She has shoulder length dark brown hair and a pretty face. Her breasts were probably c-cup and definitely very delicious, she has several tasteful tattoos.


Most standard services were on offer but she did say afterwards she doesn't always include kissing, it's at her discretion and she did say in the intro that she doesn't do anal, ball or arse licking. It's all good to go.


Sharna kicked things off by using her nice puppies to massage my chest and down to lil-flexi. Her hair smelled really nice as it draped over my face as our chests brushed. She leaned back on her knees and gave lil-flexi a nice, firm uncle doug. Next was a CBJ which at my request turned into a lengthy sixty-nine. Her BJ was very good and her shaven pussy was responsive. Sharna repositioned herself slightly from time to time help me hit the right spot. All in all it was a very nice sixty-nine.


We started the main course in mish, moved to spooning then back to mish with several variants. During this stage there was some nice kissing, no tongue but nice none the less. Her kisses are soft and very enjoyable. As is usual for me, it took a while to get over the line but when it happened I came, quite explosively, only just before the buzzer. It was worth the wait, lol. Like the sixty-nine Sharna repositioned from time to time to ensure I got the right spot which I found a little distracting.


We had a nice chat while we showered and dressed. Sharna is very Aussie girl next door. I suspect subsequent visits would be even more rewarding.


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