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Chloe's Friends





I recently caught up with Miss Chloe in Europe and we decided to head down to Provence for a weekend of R&R and of course a shoot. During dinner on a terrace, I scoped out this location and we returned after midnight, when there were far fewer inquisitive beings on the streets. Anyway here's a sneak peak from the shoot. If you read my last blog about professional photography, I can tell you that this was one shoot where you actually would need to have someone who knows what they're doing - low light, slow shutter speeds, depth of field as wide as a bee's dick, and a very small window of opportunity to get the shots done (you can't have someone prancing around the streets in feels and lingerie for long).


Here's a bit of other news. With the recent departure of her doubles partner, Estelle Lucas, I can report that Chloe has recruited a fresh new talent from within her own ranks of acquaintances. She is completely new to escorting and I'm told she's an outrageous flirt who just loves sex. I've seen the her pics and she certainly gets my stamp of approval : petite build, really pretty face, and for breast men, big knockers. Unfortunately, in accordance with my 'code of conduct', I won't be able to sample the goods. But I look forward to shooting the two ladies in the near future - apparently they want something super sexy.


With regards to Estelle Lucas, who is in Europe indefinitely she will be unavailable till at least August. Those wanting to see her in Europe after that, I'll give you a clue. Keep an eye on the ranks at elite German agency Amorette Escorts.


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Fantastic photo, has a great Bohemian feel to it: composition, lighting, a hint of lens flare to help evoke the atmosphere and - of course - an exceptional subject. Impressive.

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Superb photo great eye to find that shot and the lighting is so good

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Looks like a film set rather than a street!


Thanks all. We considered blowing a shit load of cash on a luxury Paris hotel room but decided that Chloe already has plenty of lingerie photos so we decided on something different.

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Gabrielle Káigh


Beautiful photo. Beautiful background and subject.

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What camera are you using YP. Canon, Hasselblad/Nikon?

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What camera are you using YP. Canon, Hasselblad/Nikon?


Canon. Full details in my previous blog.

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iPhone 4S?



Not this time. I only have the inferior iPhone 4 anyway.

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