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Sahara, High Class Touring Escort, second visit...



Monday 19th September, 2:30 to 3:30pm


Saw Sahara again yesterday, what can I say, an exceptional lady with an exceptional service...


Services Available


GFE: - The meeting started off when she came downstairs to get me. As you need a key to activate the list to her floor, Sahara greeted me at the lifts, white pants and very thin t-shirt with white thongs. Very casual, very beautiful. As the doors closed, she came towards me and holding me at the hips, we kissed as the lift sped to the top floor. I followed her to her room, passing a few male cleaners looking a me with envious eyes… We walked into the room and she turned around and we kissed again while walking towards the bedroom. Our lips kept playing this sliding game where we would hold our breath and gently touch each other’s lips, sliding over each other, our tongues touch each other just enough to feel the passion, then I would bend slightly and start deep French kissing her at which point she would hold my head with both hands and return the kiss, then back to slip sliding over each other’s lips, moving to the side of her lips, touching her with my tongue as she turned her head, opened her mouth and we would go back to deep French kissing. Sahara would break our kiss from time to time to look at me with a smile before going back to one of the best things she does, passionate kissing. I begged for a towel as she started getting undressed.


Smiling Oral: - Indeed, smiling is something Sahara does well, all the time and I never get tired of it, she has a beautiful smile, finding something nice and funny in everything… As for her oral skills, what can I say, Just enough lip pressure so you feel your penis sliding down into her mouth, she knows exactly when to stay on the head and exactly when to slide down… She coordinates her lip movements with her tongue so that you can feel the underside of your penis slide down over her tongue while she presses you against the top of her mouth and then when you expect it the least, she goes all the way down to a deep throat all the time swallowing so as not to gag and then holds you there…


Full body Massage: - Sahara gives one of the best relaxing massages I have had. Her services list a few different types, on my last meeting I agreed to a massage to start with which I enjoyed a lot… This time around, I decided to skip the massage and get straight to doing the deed. If anybody has time, I highly recommend her massage.


Anal Play Stimulation: - I love this, I find this one of the most intimate services one can have mainly because some people consider anything to do with the ass, taboo. I think it’s an extremely sexy thing to do and very special, with the right person of course! When we decided it was time for a change of scenery, I asked her if she wanted to turn around and let me play with her ass, still showing the same smile she had when I first walked in, she looked at me and said, that would be nice… I pulled out of her vagina and moved up to kiss her and suck on her nipples, arms around me she returned my kiss with her tongue sliding over my top lip then sliding inside over mine… Turning over onto her knees she presented her ass to my lips… I bent over, slightly spreading her cheeks and started kissing the top of her ass at the small of the back, moving slowly down, flicking my tongue over every inch of that beautiful ass, I reached the spot between her asshole and her vagina and flicked my tongue a few times, as I blew cold air on that spot, I felt her twitch and breath in, sensitive spot for all women… I moved my tongue slightly up and flick over her hole a few times before I felt her push back onto my tongue… She reached back with her right arm and grabbed hold of my penis, while I was sucking on her ass, she was masturbating me… I could have stayed there for hours… Unfortunately, I had other places to visit and different tastes to sample…


Fetishes: - I’m not sure what fetishes Sahara offers, I guess one might have to ask and it will depend on if she’s comfortable with it or not. But, I discovered yesterday that Sahara loves toes, loves toes to the point where she actually gets turned on when her feet are played with, gets even more turned on when her toes are sucked! I was between her legs, which were raised and her feet on my shoulders, her hands had grabbed my ass pulling and pushing me as I was moving my penis over her vagina. I turned my head slightly to the left and noticed that her toes were inches from my face, I took her foot and started giving her toes a massage while I was still moving forward and backwards over her, she opened her eyes and told me she loved that, loved the feeling of having her toes and feet played with and caressed, she thought toes were really beautiful, and I believe she meant hers… Sahara has as close to perfect feet and toes as I know, beautifully manicures nails, she obviously looked after her feet, let alone her whole body for that matter but her toes are well looked after and nicely painted nails… Well, that’s all I needed as encouragement, asked her a few more questions to set the boundaries straight, realised that there were no boundaries so made my move… I mentioned that there was this lady I had been seeing some time ago, who had an orgasm by me licking and sucking on her toes… She wanted to see if she could close to that also, huge smile on my face, I disconnected my penis from her pussy lips to concentrate on her feet. I started sucking her big toe while she looked at me, a smile on her face. She was instructing me on how she wanted me to suck her, faster or slower, deeper or just the tip. I moved from one foot to the next, from one toe to the other, she had moved her hand to her pussy and was playing with her clit. Any chance of an orgasm by toe sucking alone would probably not happen now but she was clearly have a great time and let me know that she didn’t want me to stop. When I had visited each toe a couple of times, I moved to her ankle and slowly made my way back to her pussy, where her fingers were still playing with her clit. Took her finger in my mouth and sucked on them for a while. I promised next time to get her closer to a toe orgasm without the use of her fingers… The best foot fetish play I have had!


Sahara is one of the rare ladies to have told me how excited and hot she thought me rubbing my penis over her pussy was! After the initial kissing and sucking and 69’ing part of the meeting was finishing, it was time for me to ask her to lie down on her back and allow me the pleasure of her body. Still smiling and happy to oblige, she turned around, placed some lube on her fingers and caressed her pussy, from clit to ass, making sure that I would slide nicely over her. I placed myself between her legs, bent down and started kissing her breasts, sucking on her nipples, moving from one to the other to eventually end up kissing her on the lips. By that time, Sahara had reached down and was rubbing the head of my penis between her lips, sliding me over her clit applying pressure as if my finger was rubbing her clit. By the breathing and movements I could feel that she was getting turned on. I moved back and started sliding my penis over her pussy, pressing down with my hand as I moved up and down and without being able to see what was happening down there, it felt as if I was sliding in and out of a warm pussy… I took her hand and placed it over my penis and pressed down as I increased my movements over her vagina, apart from the loud breathing, slight moaning, I was only able to make out the words Oh God that feels good…


Time flew by and shortly after I asked her where she wanted me to ejaculate, our meeting came to an end and it was time for me to leave…


I will be seeing Sahara again on her next trip to Sydney. A beautiful Canadian lady with so many talents.




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