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A new adventure with SA’s very own, McKenzie



Monday, 14th March, 2:30pm…


I was fortunate enough to catch up with one of my favourite Ladies today, the beautiful McKenzie from SA!


This lady never ceases to amaze me, every time she comes over to Sydney, I get a text with time and day and I then move my schedule around in order to meet her!


I met M outside the lift of the 5 star hotel she had chosen to stay at, this time, in shouting distance from my office… She would be wearing a blue and white dress and white high heel shoes…


As the lift doors opened I couldn’t help how magnificent she looked, all dressed up in blue and white, standing tall in her open toe shoes, showing her perfectly pedicure toes, all painted in black nail polish… I knew there and then that this was going to be another memorable experience! She slowly turned her head in my direction, her long blonde, nearly platinum hair falling straight down on each side of her perfect face, and her green eyes lit up as she noticed me… An invitation to join her in the lift, and we were on our way!


As usual, the trip up is usually full of kissing, fondling and groping, and as we were going to the 34th floor, I had plenty of time to reacquaint myself with that size 10 body! No sooner had the door of her apartment opened, that she pushed me towards the bed and moved slowly on top of me… Kissing and liking her way to my lips, she gave me the most passionate kiss with deep tongue action, he tongue was exploring everywhere and I was finding it hard to gain back control. I begged her to let me have a quick shower while she got ready!


I returned from the shower to the sight of Miss M, on her knees, in the middle of the bed! Two pats on her side and I moved toward her… McK started playing with my penis as her mouth moved around over my chest, slowly from one nipple to the next she moved around flicking her tongue over me, moving to the middle of my chest, she made her way towards my penis, which was by this time, fully erect and bigger than I had ever seen it before… By the time her lips got to the tip of my penis, she turned around and with a wicked smile, flicked her tongue over the tip of my penis… She slowly moved down so that only the head of my penis was in her mouth then started moving up and down, slowly at first, moving faster and faster while keeping her green eyes focused on mine… I have to admit, I took in as much licking, sucking, biting, kissing as I could, then I gently moved her around and as I got on my knees, Miss M had placed herself on her knees, she was grabbing the bed head, pushing her ass in my direction and asked me to kiss her ass… How could I refuse, let alone hesitate a second… Her perfectly formed ass in my face, I went in for the count… My tongue moved from asshole to vagina, flat tongue licking to pointy tongue going in and out of both holes, McKenzie was watching me, giving me directions and slightly moving her ass to her advantage. I was loving it, she tasted clean, sweet and moreish… When I was drenched in her juices and in need of more, I turned her around and gave her a kiss, she grabbed my face and proceeded to lick my lips, pulling my tongue in her mouth and then releasing it, moving from my tongue to my lips, sharing her juices until I was all clean… I moved towards her breasts, sucking her nipple, one at a time, from one side to the next until her nipples became erects and she started moaning and moving her hands between our bodies to play with her vagina… A clear indication to me that it was time to move south! Down I went to her vagina, licking her clitoris, moving towards her opening then further down to that space between the asshole and the vagina, very sensitive, then back to her ass… I moved back up to her face to give her a kiss as she grabbed my penis and started rubbing my head all over vagina lips, I sat back on my knees and watched as she closed her eyes and rubbed faster and faster, dragging the head of my penis between her lips all the way from her vagina opening up to her erect clitoris and pressed on it so that I could move backwards and forwards over her clit, she was moaning louder and louder and I realised it was time to move slowly in… On with the mood killer and I slowly pushed my penis all the way in. I moved up to lick her lips and deep French kiss my lady as she moaned and grabbed my ass to pull me in and held me there as she started her orgasm, her eyes were wide open, staring at me as she came… I pulled out and she asked me to take her doggie… Ass in my face again, I just had to go there just one time… I dove between her cheeks and lightly kissed and licked her ass before moving closer and slowly pushing my penis all the way inside her… Moving quickly now, in and out, she came very close to having another orgasm but unfortunate, the view was too much, I pulled out, took the condom off and as I was rubbing myself against her vagina and asshole, I moved slightly forward and came on he back…


We regained control together, her on her stomach and me trying hard not to collapse on her back…


She proceeded to clean me up with a warm towel and then offered to give me the best massage with a lot of touching and kissing…


Lying side by side kissing and caressing each other we caught up on life, her job, a book she emailed me and our next meeting…


She remains one of the best ladies I have had the pleasure of meeting… Like another lady I am about to re-review, the experience becomes better and better each time, hard to know why, it just does!


Unfortunately, McKenzie is no longer advertising or seeing any clients, apart from a selected few… Again I feel privileged that she makes contact with e every time she comes up to Sydney for business and we can escape for a few hours…


An Excellent time was had…



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