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Kelly Cox



My first meeting was in June, the second appointment, July then a meeting I will label as, the caffeine incident, in August… All, without exceptions were memorable experiences when it comes to Kelly! I’m not even sure this one was the best but as they were all great, this is one of the stories…

I came across this ad on Cracker some time ago, and decided to give it a go!


Kelly, as she’s known, after email introduction, turned out to be quite a little horny girl, once you’ve made initial contact and you click!


I emailed her on a Monday, and asked for some details about her services, mentioned that I had some requests and if I emailed them, would she be OK to reply and maybe take it to the next level! She replied very quickly, by mid afternoon I had a reply from her and my requests were on their way!


The next morning, she had answered me saying that all but one of my requests were OK with her!


Kelly is very centrally situated, for me and any CBD person wanting an appointment during the day.


I arrived at the arranged time, called for the apartment number, into the lift and up I go!


She opened the door, presenting herself as the door opened! No hidden surprises there apart from the fact that she is very attractive…She greeted me in a very nice and sexy dressing gown and asked me to come to the room.


After the shower, back to the room… She taps the bed and I get settled next to her, not a moment of hesitation, she comes on top of me and starts DFK me, passionately, a real passionate kiss, we start touching each other and after about 5 minutes of passionate kissing, we both come up for air, (I seem to be always coming up for air!) and she starts moving slowly down, kissing my body as she’s slowing moving down until she starts giving me one of the best BJ I’ve had. I had to look down to make sure it was her mouth, not part of her hand going up and down… I have no idea how long she was going down on me for but like me, she seemed to love it… I was slowly taking the rest of her underpants off and she positioned herself so I could get access to all of her more easily! This went on for another couple of minutes and because I had booked for a half hour appointment, I decided to take over… I slowly pulled her up, so we were back kissing and her pussy was rubbing against the base of my penis, rather than the head. She sat up and started grinding herself against me.


She leaned over, took a condom and pulled it over me, she was very wet, so didn’t need any lube to put me inside her! She sat up and started riding me. I played with her breasts; she leaned over so I could suck them, went back up and rode harder, then leaned over again, then ask me if I wanted to ride her…That’s when I had a real close look at her pussy!


She must have one of the cutest, youngest looking, smoothest pussies I have ever seen, confirmed on the first, still was on the third appointment… I went inside and fucked as if my life depended on it… (Time did actually; I was 5 minutes short of my 30 minutes and with no intention of finishing this yet). Pounded her for a couple of minutes, and then asked her to turn on all fours… Oh my, that asshole, smooth, pink, I just stared and gently placed my finger at the entrance waiting for the green light or a jerk forward… Got the green light, here use this she said, handing me the lube… Well, I played around there for as long as I could, then I realized I was going way over my time, asked her if I could finish with a 69, which she agreed, she came on top of me, went down on me and started rubbing her pussy in my face. She sensed that I was about to cum; pulled me out of her mouth and I presume I came in her hands. Seen her again since this and will again and again… Kelly and I are in discussions about a threesome with a close lady friend of mine… I believe that there will be much to write about!


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