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Dreams of Tessa… Indeed! 28th June 2010



28th June 2010… 8:something pm


Sitting quietly and listening to the locals chit chat on SDU… It was getting late, I was getting hungry and was about to say goodnight when… Out of the corner of my eye, in came Tessa!


I had a quick check on Tessa's site and profile as I thought she was fairly new to the group! One review but her site was very well put together... All questions answered, about her service and about herself... So I pulled up a chair, and started small talk!


It was actually funny, for approximately, 45 minutes, Tessa and I were chatting, getting to know each other while being completely oblivious of the crowd around us! We spoke about eventually getting together, in call services or the lack there of... I checked her site, then asked her a few questions about types of services she was OK with and then I realised that Tessa was very open minded, liked the things I said I liked and was willing to try what I was proposing... We spoke about different positions, what I liked and what she liked. I then went through a graphic detailed story of one of the things I love doing to my partner... This seemed to have turned her on a bit, as we now decided to make plans to meet ASAP! She wanted that night, 9:30pm would be hard to organise a place, I mentioned, but the next day was acceptable...! Tessa would organise a place and we would meet for an hour and a half! We parted company at around 10:00pm!


29th June 6:00pm


I arrive at the hotel at 6:00pm and send a text message to Tessa announcing my arrival... Up to the room, knocked on the door...


A beautiful, young brunette opens the door, a bit shy (both of us I have to say) at first, as I walk in we kiss and greet, looks like things were falling into place, and we move to the room/living room... Tessa pours wine, I sit in an arm chair next to the bed, while Tessa wrapped in a sheer negligee, half open, revealing those perfectly sized breasts, climbs on the bed and gives me a wicked smile which promises so many wonderful things to come...!


The conversation flows, we move from who we are, how did we get here, funny punting stories, less funny stories, types of service and why and so on until we both notice that the alcohol has evaporated into our blood stream and it's time to sweat it out! Tessa invites me to join her in the shower... I get undress, move to the shower and while I'm facing the shower, she moves in behind and wraps her arms around me, I turn and she notices my erection, with a smile on her face, she starts stroking my penis and then moves down on her knees... Tessa proceeds to give me an incredible blow job, taking as much of me in her mouth as she can, then slowing allowing me to pull out, she applies enough pressure to make me feel like I'm inside her, her tongue gently rubs against the underside of my penis, that little spot just under the head, which she obviously know all about and with the warm shower on my back, her breasts in my hand and her lips around my penis, I could stay there all night... But more fun awaits, so I bring her back to her feet, we deep kiss again and we step out of the shower!


Towel on the floor, we move to the bed and I take position between her legs... She looks at me with those beautiful dark brown eyes and wears a slight smile on her face, I take her nipples in my mouth, one at a time and gently suck on them, moving from one to the other, one hand is caressing her legs, from her thighs and as she moves her leg up, I move towards her feet, then back on the inside of her leg, towards her pussy, she is now showing signs of pleasure, slightly wet and waiting for my finger to explore! I move from her breasts and hardening nipple to her mouth, Tessa can kiss, She kisses with passion and more than once, while my tongue is in her mouth, she will close her lips around it and gently suck my tongue in and out of her mouth, another blow job, this time my tongue enjoys the talents of her mouth... I slowly move from her mouth and make my way down between her breasts, pass her belly button, small tattoo on the side of her stomach and finally reach her pussy, I start at the top, moving from the top to the opening of her vagina, I slightly open her lips and my tongue moves slowly in and out between her lips, then slightly up towards her clit, pushing the foreskin slightly back, I can see and feel that she's enjoying my discoveries... As I move from side to side, then applying slight pressure on her clit, I can feel Tessa tensing and her movements become more irregular , each pressure on her clit, makes her moan and push her pussy towards my face, as we play this teasing game of pushing my tongue in and out of her pussy, then flicking her clit with slight pressure, she presses her legs against my face, practically stopping my face from moving but not my tongue!

I move up and she grabs my face, we deep French kiss again while I place my penis over her very wet vagina and slowly move forwards and backwards, as the head of my penis rubs against her very erect clitoris and then moves down to the opening of her vagina, teasing the opening but respecting the boundaries... back up to her clitoris and down again, we move in this position for some time, feeling wet penis rubbing against wet vagina, again and again... Tessa starts moaning again and I straighten up cover up, it is time to move in...


I slide in, slowly at first, moving in and out, going all the way, as far as possible and slowly pulling out, all the while, Tessa has hold of my hips and is pulling and pushing... I start moving faster and faster, pulling her legs up on my shoulder and her ass in the air... I'm now moving fast and Tessa's eyes are closed, he mouth open and kiss again, while I push in and pull out aided by her hands which haven't moved from my sides... She turns around on her hands and knees, I place my penis at the opening of her vagina and she pushes back, all the way back and drops her head on the pillow... Ass in the air, I'm deep inside Tessa and I can feel her slightly moan while I move in and out , the sight of this lady in front of me is a bit too much, thoughts of what she's done to my penis while I was in her mouth, my tongue as she gently sucked on it and my wet penis rubbing against her wet vagina is a bit too much and I feel it is, unfortunately, time to put an end to this wonderful moment! As I announce the imminent arrival of the troops... She mentions that she would like me to come on her breasts... I slowly pull out, I take the condom off as she turns around and while Tessa is on her back, she grabs my penis and starts sucking me again... I pull out of her beautiful mouth and ejaculate all over her breasts and neck! I get tissues, clean her up and we both fall exhausted on the bed...


What an excellent time!




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