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What's in a wheel



Well, it was Sunday, and I still still need to get fitter for the snow.


So, I ventured off at 2.00 pm and headed off to Kew only a mere 5 klms to visit my elderly mum in her nursing home.


Bland, bland, bland.


So off I go, down the road. Note the word down. Down has many meanings, to "Go Down" on a woman, is not quite the same as peddling a cycle down the hill. Not even similar.


I, of course, was on the bloody push bike, going down the hill. Rapidly, and as events continued, ever more rapidly. Now gravity is a wondrous thing, sort of. Bloody frightening when you actually determine that the brakes no longer function at all due to the moisture still on the road and the angle of the dangle is getting steeper and steeper, and the cars are seemingly slowing down as the push bike and gravity speed up. Its getting scary up here, oh shit, the fucking main road at the bottom of the hill. Red lights too. This is not going to end well, I can just tell, now.


Plan B. Simple. Hold the failing brakes on hard and glide around the left hand turn lane thingy at the corner. Fuck, there are bloody cars driving along that left lane where I am heading at an even faster rate of knots than just a few seconds ago.


Plan C. Panic. Hmm, perhaps a lad could gently ease up onto the footpath and roll around the footpath and miss all the cars. Its a plan, sort of. So here we go, GEES, hit the bloody lip of the drive, the front wheel buckled, jammed in the forks and I am base over apex and spreadeagled all over the softish CONCRETE DRIVEWAY. Well, I am still breathing, not appalling pain anywhere, a sore elbow, hip is a tad gentile, but apart from a really buggered wheel, I am OK.


Great, Now i get to walk. So, I did. Walked there, walked back. A mere 10 km. not too bad on the timing too. Legs are ok. Elbow is tingling. Texted her, she will give me a "massage" when we arrives at 7.00 pm.


Oh well, I now need a new wheel!


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You better wrap yourself in cotton wool Tonto *wink, wink*

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I'm as fit as a Mallee Bull, but the wheel is totally screwed!

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