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Booking Retired Sex workers?



I guess this is a Rant. I've just had a crap month...


I've had no internet for exactly 1 month, My work phone is broken co-incidentally since 1 month ago, I've been sick and Facebook has locked /disabled my account because they said a Hacker tried to hack it. I can't get it restored till i get my work phone fixed. :( I miss reading all of your FB statuses :(


Maybe it's a combination and build up of everything not going my way in the last month that i am worked up over this but why do PP guys try to book me.. aka A retired wl? but then when i don't answer or refuse.. U get all shitty and call me BS??


This one guy. I told him several times i am retired. Tries to book me but when i don't respond. Gets all pissed at me and calls me a BSer. LOL. i've been upfront with him and told him iam retired.


Can ppl shed some light on why punters try to book retired sex worker but when they don't get a booking they get pissed off? .


it's so annoying...


If a retired sex worker wants bookings. SHE WOULDN'T BE RETIRED!


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Something we cannot have is always more desirable than something we can have. Very simple really.


So ... can I have a booking <ducks for cover> :)

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Maybe there are ads somewhere as suggested above.. Google your number and see if anything pops up! Failing that, I also agree with anuddafatguy.. We always want something we can't have ten times more than something we can have.. Human nature..


Don't stress about it.. If I were you, I'd completely ignore any communication from someone treating you like that, especially when you've repeatedly told him you don't work anymore..


Fingers crossed he gives up :)

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Because some people need a dictionary or learn how to get a life

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Retired from what??


You can't be retired if you haven't even started! :lol:

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I hear your anger. Tragically, some of us blokes do not understand the meaning of words. Complicated concepts like "NO" are difficult for some sexually starving men to comprehend.


As for the simple word "Retired", they have no idea at all what that means.


"Keep calm and carry on"


Take care too.

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By the way ... your profile says you are SEMI-retired, not FULLY-retired. Or did I mis-read it?

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anudda yes semi-retired. i still work from time to time. regs only.. i go in the brothel.. see 2-3 regs... and leave. i don't stay the full shift and i don't do intros ;)

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Are you talking about guys from PP contacting you?

Cos if so, well.. this is a punter forum.. guys are here looking for info on WL's or WL's to book... i dont know why a retired WL (or semi retired) would want to hang here.. if it was more an industry community forum, ok, sure i can see why you would hang around, but this is a punter forum, for active punters...when the guys stop punting, they do a farewell post (or ok, some do) and then they kinda leave the forum.. ok sure, some still hang around, but they dont get a very good reception, especially if they say "im not reviewing anymore, im not punting".. i have seen a few times (no i dont have examples, i just remember seeing it) they get a response like "what are you still doing here if you arent contributing??"


So wouldnt the same apply for WL's?

If you arent looking for punters, why would you be in a punter forum...

Im not having a dig, just putting the question out there....


In saying all this, like the others have said above, guys always want what they cant have! When i was a receptionist and adamant that i wasnt going to do sex work, i had guys offer me CRAZY amounts of money! Everyone wanted me.. when i became a sex worker, the BIG offers stopped lol....

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@Holly. Yes iam here because I find it to be a very good industry forum. Unfort the name is punterplanet. Who the hell cares what a website is called or named when the content and members is what you like.


I bought the domain Sexworkersboard.com about 20 months ago. I Originally wanted to start a sex workers forum with that domain because when i googled sex workers forum. i got no results and the results i did get were really crap dead forums that the last topic was created 6 months ago. i saw none that was an active community where i was able to communicate with other sex workers, discussing the industry and other stuff however about 6 months after i bought the domain i discovered PP.


I've known of other puntersites like aus99 and hookerlooker for awhile and i stayed away from them because they hardly have sex workers participating in discussions. I was a member of hookerlooker 3 yrs ago and only had like 1 post because i saw no sex workers participating and those sites were mainly reviews only


When i discovered PP. PP was different than other punter review sites because i saw alot of sex workers actively participating on here. Basically PP was the type of community i wanted to create when i bought the domain name wanting to start a forum.


The Punting discussion section of PP. The content in that section was what i was looking for and what i wanted. Unfortunately the title of the site is punterplanet.


After discovering PP and finding a good forum to finally discuss sex work related things with. I decided i don't need to create a sex workers forum to get what i was looking for. i let the domain expire and i am sticking to pp.

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You should change your profile to "RETIRED" or remove everything on your profile about you working full stop.

Importantly, change your title from "Venus Nymphs' to "Industry Person" so you wouldn't be pink any more. If you are only seeing a couple regs at the parlour and no one from PP and have no intention of doing so, I see no reason for you to be titled "Venus Nymphs" other to create confusion. :blink:

Besides, punters see PINK and want some.... :P

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I agree with Rup. Note to self: make my pink go away.


And I also understand wanting to stay on the forum. I no longer take bookings but enjoy the liberty of being able to openly discuss sex without feeling like a freak as I would if talking amongst my peers. And staying on leaves the gate open if I ever wanted to come back.


And lastly: WELCOME BACK!

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When did you retire? You are so fucking difficult to find out anything about you, but if you are now retired then that's understandable.


BTW, the name of the forum is not happenstance. This is a forum for punters and by punters. SP's are tolerated and restricted in terms of participation. It's stated aims are not as a general sex work forum, and the title of the forum is relevant to that.

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Maybe you shouldn't comment on threads because it has peaked my interest in you! BTW I have just tried to PM you about a thread you have commented on and it tells me FemmeBot cannot receive new messages. Please allow!

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When did you retire? You are so fucking difficult to find out anything about


It's difficult because she's retired :-P

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It's difficult because she's retired :-P


Strange sort of retirement when she takes a private booking when retired and continues to work at a Brothel.


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I saw a retired WL who had been very well known a while ago who got my contact off C69. She only wanted several clients on the books for pocket money, without having to advertise and being able to operate under the radar.

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