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Tripe, tripe and more tripe



Well one of the benefits of being a bit wacky is one gets to dine in subtlely different places. For the past several years, I have enjoyed the immense pleasure of dining at The Tripe Club if Victoria held at the RACV Club in Melbourne.


Now, tripe may not be to everyone's liking. The mere thought of eating the lining of sheep, pig or cattle stomach may curiously turn some people off. Fine, more left for the rest of us. Today's entre was Madras curried honeycomb tripe with lentils soup. Delicious. Main course, tragically, was tripe in white sauce with mash potatoes with peas and bacon. It always is. The only good news is that a man does get served seconds and even thirds. Try that at a flash upmarket restaurant!


Now, apart from the delicious food, there are of course after dinner speakers. Today we had Mr John Elliott and his son rabbiting on about not much really.


Fortunately, I had the immense pleasure of having a stunningly beautiful Russian lady (and her aussie husband) sit by my side. Her accent was just so sexy, her english was so rudimentary, which really means it was as sexy as all get out, and whilst she was clearly no spring chicken, she was an extraordinarily fine example of the ladies from St Petersburg. She, her husband and I chatted on about various things local and from Russia.


Half his luck, I wonder if she has a sister?


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Ah, a fellow tripe lover!! We're a rare breed, Charlie. I had a wonderful tripe dish in Rome about 10 years ago. It was cooked in a really good tomato-based sauce. Problem is, whenever I tell anyone they get all hung up on the idea of tripe, as you say.


Also love a Russian accent especially when attached to a lovely lady!

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Yeah, tripe is really good earthy food.


The Russian lady was nice, not young and her aussie husband was present. He thanked me for including his wife in the conversation. I prefer to chat to beautiful women than old men any day!

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I prefer to chat to beautiful women than old men any day!

You two timer, you!!

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