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FAQ: Why do women punt?

prince charming


blog-0477526001349112474.jpgWhy do women punt?


I have no idea, really. If you believe the statistics, there's a few billion of them going around. I don't feel qualified to speak on behalf of an entire gender. Who am I to even attempt that? I'm just another faceless individual hiding behind an internet alias.


Enough existentialism.


Why do I punt?


For a long time, I was completely adamant I was straight. Men never really turned me on, although I just assumed my lack of interest was due to the fact I hadn't found the right guy. Unfortunately I got that wrong. First time with a girl, I discover all the equipment does in fact work the way it says in the book- I was just attempting the wrong ignition sequence.


That's nice, Jeep. But get to the point.


The point is, if you're a straight girl and looking for a shag, you go to the pub, and wait for a guy to show some level of interest in you. At this point, you cross your fingers and hope he's not at the point of inebriation where he's completely useless. Same goes for straight guys; you find yourself a receptive drunk chick, take her somewhere and stick your dick in her.


But what do you do if you're a gay woman? Drunk girls are useless. I don't have a dick to stick in them, so playing starfish isn't really going to get me anywhere. Or I go to an 'appropriate' bar and all the women look like men... That doesn't really work for me either, to be honest. If I wanted to shag something that looked like a man, I'd go back to the first step, really...


The diverse and beautiful ladies of this forum, if they're open to it, tend to provide me with a completely reliable, less messy and considerably more distinguished option for scratching an itch. And for that I am grateful.


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Hmmm. This account differs from my personal experience.


My best friend confessed she was a lesbian when she was 17 and at 18 I decided we were to go to gay bars and start a gay social life.


We found that the lesbians always hook up, it's hard to sleep with a girl without it coming back to haunt you.


She's stopped going to gay bars because she's now only interested in more serious relationships and finds this near impossible to find.


This could be because I live in Melbourne?

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prince charming


I'd definitely agree that a serious lesbian relationship is hard to find... Essentially that's really all I'm looking for.


Gay bars in Perth tend to be full of very young girls who all look the same to me, and straight girls who think it's fun to go out dancing with gay boys. I might be getting old, but bars aren't really something I enjoy all that much anymore.

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Great blog Jeep. Love your input on PP as a lady Punter. There is another lady also Punting on here and reviewed not long ago. I thought of you at the time but apologize I have forgotten the name. Old age I guess.

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