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La Casa de Nana - 27/10/05 - Ximena



Guys and girls, I'm happy that you're enjoying my reports... and yes, those punters who like travelling should seriously consider testing these waters.


Anyway, here's my review on Ximena. Second night at La Casa de Nana and I start wandering around the maze-like corridors of the place, also trying to avoid Natalia (review above) since I didn't want her to think I hadn't enjoyed my stay with her by not booking her again (As I said before, I'm trying to stay with different girls and not become a regular of just one... chances are though, that I'll see Natalia once more before leaving).


Quite a few doors closed, I wonder who's behind them! I didn't tell you that the girls are generally in bikini, except for one who was topless. Massive enhanced boobs (actually, the only one with enhanced boobs I've seen over there), she was dancing, putting on a bit of show for a guy who was standing outside just staring at her. Later I'd find out that was her regular stalker... "Your stalker!" I said... "Yes", she replied... "And you're teasing him?... don't you want him to go away?" I asked... "Only ugly women don't have stalkers?" she answered. I take it the guy was harmless and just liked to perve, but Ximena's reply tells you a lot about the relationship between man and woman over here, where everything is based on diversity between the sexes. Women like to be overtly admired by men, any men. What a contrast with a workmate in Sydney who's capable of wearing tight T-shirts that read "Look at my tits" on them, and then she gets pissed off if you do!


Anyway, I asked Ximena her prices and she whispered them in my ear. 300 pesos straight and oral, and 400 including her butt (once again, that's US $16!)... oh the flesh is so weak, how could I resist?... and so I stepped inside. Apart from the double or triple D enhanced boobs, Ximena has a very nice bum, black hair, hazel eyes and fair complexion. She's 27. Not a kisser but who am I to whinge?


She started giving me some oral (her condoms are a bit better than Natalia's, not so thick)... then she jumped on top where I could have a great view of her twin peaks. She started jumping on me with no mercy. After a while we decided to change to doggy, and not long after she asked me "stick it in my butt!"... unlike Natalia, she did put some lubricant and I couldn't help commenting on it... to which she misunderstood and told me that she would use it only if I wanted... oh my god!... I did beg her to use it to ease my guilt.


Now, while doing greek, there's something slightly perverse and arousing at the same time when a girl with the body of a porn star, keeps asking you "Metemela toda" (Stick it all in!)... Well, I couldn't possibly last too long that way and came in no time.


We had a bit of a chat at the end and Ximena told me she's been there for two years (which is rare since girls move a lot). Triggered by my comment about how many young, pretty girls work over there, she ended up telling me that now being a WL is less of a stigma than what it was before. Apparently her family and close friends know what she does for a living and they are okay with it.


My reports continue tomorrow with Mariana (a girl who does not offer Greek!)

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