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The warmest of welcomes...

Tifani Jameson


Hello all!


This is just a thank you for the open arms that I fell into when I signed up for this forum. I have never met ladies so nice, and gentlemen so cool!


A bit more about me:

I'm a part time companion from Dallas, TX. I have a great career in marketing, and I'm single. My mother raised a proper young lady, so I've adopted a 'for love or money' attitude concerning sex. This industry is the perfect outlet for my sexual energy, so I've become more open to others' sexuality in the process.


I have pretty much divorced my US based forums, since the overall attitude is very misogynistic and shallow. I'm usually the voice of reason, and that gets tiring when like-minded people are discouraged from participating.


I love the atmosphere here, and I'm shooting for February for my visit, and I'll stay for two weeks. I think that's plenty of time to get to know some of the awesome gents, and the lovely ladies who have guided me thus far.


*raising my glass of Scotch* (hey, it's midnight here!)

To new beginnings!


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