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Privileged Am I




I never considered myself a privileged person. I come from a bit of a poor upbringing, hard times etc. Im not a "high end" escort, my rates are pretty cheap compared to most of my peers. Im not wealthy. I dont own my own house. I dont have luxury items.

But at the end of the day, i havent CHOSEN those things for myself.. but i had a choice. I choose to have low rates. I choose not to buy a house. I choose not to splurge on luxury items..... and i think thats what being a privileged sex worker means:

To have the choice to do sex work in a safe environment,how you want, when you want, making as much money as you want, legally, without fear.

I sometimes look at my peers and envy the thousands of dollars they make each week. Im not jealous of them, im happy for them. Happy that they live in a place where they CAN make that kind of money every week. I could be doing the same, but the way i chose to work is laid back and i like the lifestyle i lead. To earn more than i do now would take alot of elbow grease, more time out of my private life and possibly upping my rates.. all of which i dont really want to do.

But the choice is mine to take and i decline!

The only world i know, is the sex industry in Australia. I dont live this life in Asia or USA or Canada or Russia, im here in Australia. Compare my work life to those in other countries and i am considered privileged.

But the question raised is, am i privileged because i am working in a country where sex work is legal OR am i privileged because i was not forced into sex work OR am i privileged because i have not experienced the drug abuse, assault and other horrific things thats have been associated with sex work world wide?

The answer to me is simple.

Because of the laws in my country, those other two possibilities are null and void. Decriminalization of sex work in NSW Australia has made it harder for traffickers to force people to work. Decriminalization has made it so that in Australia, there is no need for pimps. I cant say i have ever met an actual pimp in my life (well what you see in the USA movies, no one like that. Some people consider brothel owners pimps.. i do not) Decriminalization makes my job safer, as in, if i get assaulted at work, i can go to the police and the offender will be arrested. Decriminalization has made it so that to assault a sex worker, just like any other worker is a CRIME! A Criminal offence.

I dont understand why other countries in the world cant see what an example we are setting here. I cant believe that the NSW Government is thinking about changing the laws and regulations.

If it aint broke, why fix it?

Sex workers generally are happy with the industry in Australia. Nothing is perfect in life, so sure there could be a few changes made.. but why go backwards?

In all the countries where trafficking is high, there are also MANY people who are in sex work by choice. MANY! Its not just a job that desperate people get into. Some of us truly enjoy the work. We get satisfaction, a sense of reward from our work. Of course the money is great, it gives us a chance to life a fabulous lifestyle.

I have a fantastic life! I dont have alot of material things, but that isnt my style. What makes me happy is having time for me, for hanging with my pets, chilling with mates, having to time to just live, not be strapped to a desk from 9-5 mon-fri. Thats the privilege i get from living in Australia and being a sex worker.

I never considered myself privileged person.. and i guess it still hasnt sucken in. When you are the "low end" of an industry, you dont feel privileged compared to those above you... but on a global scale....i am privileged.

I am grateful, i feel proud, i feel saddened that not every worker can be in this position. I pray that one day they all will xx


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i just realised i end a lot of my blogs with the same last words.. repetative much? lmao

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(When I am in NSW or Vic) I am privileged to be in a place where being a client does not make me party to a criminal enterprise, where brothels are public and I can investigate who runs them and how they operate, where I can be confident that any worker I see hasn't been forced to be there (so long as I keep my eyes open). The threads moaning about how parlours are shit don't seem to bear this (hugely important) fact in mind.

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well put, to me it doesnt matter how much or how little you make, if you do what you love, and enjoy yourself, what more could you ask for, great to see you love what you do :)

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Nicely expressed Holly. Covers both your personal feelings and a usefull reminder about the great legal situation in NSW.

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What you write and I know it's the truth is what makes you so attractive Holly.

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