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Dear Diary - an erotic story



Dear Diary,


I’ve just gotten home from the most unbelievable night of knee-trembling sex that I just had to jump straight in and write it all down.


It started off quite a few days ago. Eduardo was coming to town on business and he sent me a message asking if I would see him when he was in town. Having never seen him before, I went through all the screening steps until I was satisfied, and we then set a date and time.


Well, yesterday finally arrived and I headed off to meet Eduardo. I was tingling from the excitement of meeting a new lover. When we finally met, he was a little younger, a little shorter and a little lighter than I’d imagined, but he was still the smooth charmer I’d been chatting to. I wasn’t disappointed, and in fact I was delighted that I would have a younger man to keep me going all night. Eduardo mentioned a mutual friend of ours and we proceeded to head to the lounge to meet the cute, little Asian businessman I’d known for years. We enjoyed a few laughs and regaled Eduardo with tales of various adventures that Wong and I had shared in our past. All this while, the anticipation was building up and my pussy was starting to tingle, itching to be pounded.


Drinks over, Eduardo and I headed up to the room. As soon as I heard the click of the room door close behind us, I grabbed Eduardo and held him in a firm lip-lock. Our tongues danced with each other like a perfectly choreographed act out of Cirque du Soliel. Meanwhile, my heart rate had jumped a few levels, my temperature had risen as well, and my juices had started to seep through my knickers. A few more seconds and that was it, I needed cock, and I needed it now.


Once I’d relieved Eduardo of his pants, I eyed the bulge in his jocks. As I pulled them down, I noticed the nice length of man meat that sprang to life to greet me. I knelt and took him in my mouth. Mmmm … tasted good. I sucked on it and felt it pulse and grow a bit more. I kept sucking and really enjoy the way I’ve slobbered all over his entire length, making it glisten. I was torn between wanting him to fuck me now, or giving me a nice huge load down the back of my throat. I looked up at his eyes, and caught the gleam in them. Right, he’s young, he’s virile, he’ll have a few loads in him, this first one is going down my throat. I increased the intensity of the blowjob, and felt him close. “Give me your cum!” I mumbled as I felt his pelvic muscles tense. And there it was, a nice, warm load filled my mouth. A big load too. I waited till his cock stopped spitting, holding the entire load in my mouth. I was proud of myself, so I showed it to Eduardo, blew bubbles with it, then swallowed it all. The grin on his face was that of a kid who’d just got everything he wanted at Christmas.


I undressed first, then helped Eduardo get naked too and lay beside him, letting him spoon me. We rested a while. 5, maybe 10 minutes, but no longer. Then Eduardo started to run his hands over my breasts, and play with the nipple piercing. Then he let them wander, and find their way to my pussy. His touch was light, feathery, gentle. It was like his fingers were hovering over my pussy, waiting to be invited in, yet teasing me. I started to get really wet, but Eduardo refused to push his fingers in, taunting me with his touch. One hand then slipped behind me, and with one hand teasing my pussy, the other one hovered around my arsehole, lightly touching it, occasionally pressing against it, but not pushing in either. If the intention was to get me to beg him to stick a finger in, he was getting close. I decided to turn the tables on Eduardo and caught him by surprise when I sprang out of the spooning position and started giving him another blowjob while he was lying on the bed. That young, virile dick of his quickly sprang to attention and I felt the head engorge with blood. A couple of deepthroats later and I soon had him fully erect and hard as a rock. I quickly rushed the raincoat on, and hopped on. As it slid in, I felt the sensations all along my pussy walls, finally feeling the sensation of a nice hard dick to wrap around, having been aroused with all that teasing not that long ago. As I rode him, Eduardo reached for my tits and buried his face into them, then licking them, then playing with them.


Our energetic movements had made us fall off the end of the bed and now Eduardo was on top of me in missionary position with my head under the writing desk in the room. With his erect dick still firmly implanted in me, we simply resumed. One of the reasons I love younger men as lovers is their enthusiasm and stamina, and my moans and noises made him pump me harder and faster. The more he drove into me, the more aroused I got. I encouraged him to pound me harder, as I responded to his every thrust. We’d reached the height of our momentum when Eduardo jumped up, rushed over to the chaise longue, grabbed his baseball cap, put it on backwards a la rapper style, then hurried back to resume pumping me. That made us break out in laughter, but he’d made me so horny that I didn’t let my giggles stop the fucking. Sure enough, I felt myself about to cum and I warned Eduardo to brace himself. He looked perplexed but soon realised why when I came violently and squirted all over his belly.


Catching our breath, I get up off the floor, carpet burns on my bum and lay on the chaise longue. Eduardo slumps in the armchair facing me. The grin on his face said it all, and as I looked down his sweaty torso, across his glistening 6-pack, I notice his very pronounced erection still begging to be attended to. This can’t do. The hooker pride in me kicks in. I can’t let a boner go unsatisfied. I crawl over to him and rip the dom off and start to give him a slow, sensual blowjob. One that totally contrasted with the frantic, frenzied one that started on the bed earlier. I loved the pulse of his throbbing knob in my mouth. The pre-cum tasted so sweet. I was getting horny again, so I reached for a fresh raincoat and put it on with my mouth. I got up and turned my back towards Eduardo, telling him to remain seated in the armchair. I lowered myself and reached behind me to feel for his erect love-pole. I grabbed it by the shaft and guided the engorged head towards my arse. I wanted him to fuck my arse, I needed to feel his rock hard cock up my arse. As I lowered myself onto Eduardo’s cock, the sensation of it sliding in me nearly made me cum again, but I managed to hold it off. I managed to get him all the way in, balls deep. It felt snug, it felt hard, it felt hot, and fuck it felt good. I started to bounce up and down on it, gradually building up rhythm and once we built up a nice tempo, I started to squeeze his shaft with my internal muscles. Eduardo moaned and hummed, enjoying the sensation of his cock in my arse being squeezed on every downstroke. He reached one hand over and in an instant located my clit and started to gently rub it and flick it. I recognised the tsunami building up again, but I needed him to cum this time.


I reached behind and grabbed his arms, and told him to keep it in me as I stood up and slumped towards the chaise longue. Now, with my knees on the floor, my body rested against the seat in a doggie-like position, I asked, no I demanded Eduardo to ravage me again like he did under the desk earlier. He quickened his stroke rate, every thrust trying to bury his cock deeper in that hungry arse of mine, his sweat dripping off his forehead on to my buttocks, sliding into the crack of my bum, making it all the more erotic. I could feel him near, and at the same time, I felt my own orgasm practically at the doorstep waiting to burst in. A couple more strokes and I heard Eduardo roar as I felt the shudder of my own orgasm engulf me. For the briefest of moments, in that synchronised orgasm, I felt light-headed and giddy all at once. Eduardo was panting like he’d run a marathon, and as he spooned me in that doggie position, I felt him gradually go soft. I pulled him out, and held the rubber up to the moonlight streaming in the window. A healthy load, from the looks of things. “Fuck that was unbelievable” Eduardo said, and then he caught that twinkle in my eye. That look I get whenever I have yet another deviant thought. “What? What are you thinking?” he asked. I said nothing. I just moved the condom over my face, turned it upside down, and poured his creamy load into my open mouth, missing a bit on the way and letting it splash on my cheek, down the side of my face, onto my breasts. I smiled as I played with it in my mouth. I tilted my head back, gargled his cum, then gulped it down. “Fuck! That was hot!” he exclaimed. I cleaned up the stray drops off my face and on my tits with my finger and licked that dry.


We stumbled over to the bed and hopped in, spooning once more. He kissed me. I kissed him back. And as our tongues danced the dance of the lustful lovers, I felt his dick show signs of life again. Ahh, young men, they’re good for multiple shots. Yet another reason I love them. But Eduardo made his way down my body first, licking me, stopping at my tits, licking the nipples, then finding his way down to my pussy. Before long, he had his tongue flicking away at my clit, then into my pussy, then tracking the lips of my pussy, then back to my clit. Great head job, this one. And just as I was thinking that, I came. It was sudden, it was intense, it was awesome. As I caught my breath I spied the pride of his loins at full strength again. I reached for another dom and slipped it on again. I got on all fours again, and Eduardo entered me from behind, slowly at first, then faster and faster, eventually reaching a tempo that suggested his dick had a score to settle with my pussy. His thrusts had not lost any of their eagerness, and my pussy was delighted at the sensations of his cock charging in and out. We were so engrossed in our lovemaking that on one of his stronger thrusts, Eduardo literally pounded me into the wall. Stopping to make sure I was okay – and I didn’t feel any pain, just an overwhelming sense of horniness in my nether regions – we quickly resumed in the missionary position. I glanced up at this young man’s silhouette against the moonlight streaming in, and for the first time, I noticed how chiselled his body was. The definition in his triceps, his biceps, his chest, his 6-pack. This dream-like state was soon overshadowed by an all-too-familiar quickening of his pace, and a temperature rise in my loins. About a dozens strokes later, Eduardo pulled out, ripped the condom off and sprayed his cum all over my body. I met him halfway and proceeded to rub it all into my tits, my torso. He collapsed on top of me in another panting heap. That was the last thing I remember of the night. Whether we fell asleep like that or re-positioned ourselves through the night, I’m not sure.


I awoke as the first streams of the morning sun peeked through the clouds. I looked around and Eduardo was asleep next to me. I stirred and felt sticky. Not tacky sticky. But sticky all the same. Then I remembered the finish we had last night. I slowly crawled out of bed and quietly crept into the shower. The shower was fantastic. I reached for the body lotion and rubbed that all over. I reached for their shampoo and rubbed it through my hair, then rinsed it out. Same with the conditioner. As I was rinsing it out, eyes closed, I felt Eduardo snuggle up to me under the shower. We snuggled for god knows how long under that shower. I then washed him, running my hands over his young, athletic, body, savouring every defined muscle, lingering on every erogenous area, teasing him, tantalising myself. By this stage, there was no mistaking his dick for anything else than “ready for action”. I knelt down in front of it and started sucking it. It felt good. It felt firm and was getting harder. It wasn’t long before he was hard as a rock and I kept sucking. I got him to turn around and started to give him a rimming. It seemed to both surprise him and arouse him. After a while, he turned back around. I started to deepthroat him again. Then I quickened the pace and it must have been just the right amount of pace, pressure and tongue on shaft because I felt him explode in my mouth. That yummy man-juice for breakfast. I sucked him dry then gulped it all. I stood up and Eduardo pulled me into him and we locked lips in a passionate kiss that lasted forever.


As we got out of the shower, I noticed the time on the clock. Shit! I had to rush out of here! So, I quickly grabbed my things, I got dressed so quickly I must have looked like a hurricane in motion. I quickly dried my hair. As I gathered all my things, and headed to the door, I turned around, and gave Eduardo one last passionate kiss. “Thank you” I whispered. I rushed out the door, and as I scurried down the doorway, I glanced back to see Eduardo completely starkers, half out of his room door, with one leg inside holding the door ajar. I blew him a kiss and her blew me one back. And as I rushed to take care of things this morning, I couldn’t let the memories of the night and morning fade away. I rushed home. I had to write it down. And even as I’m telling you this, dear diary, I feel that tingling sensation in my pussy again. Almost as though it was calling out …. “Eduardo”. Knee trembling, sweat-dripping, mind-blowing, sex with a young man. Yeah, this old bag’s still got it.



December 2012


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:o wow, well if you ever want another job, would be a great erotic novelist lol
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If this doesn;t get the juices going (for both the guys and the gals), then we must be dead!

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Now what did I say on the main forum last night? oh yes you're not just a pretty face Paris but I am now going to have to shoot myself as I am now too old to keep up to this Mr Ed fellow.

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Now what did I say on the main forum last night? oh yes you're not just a pretty face Paris but I am now going to have to shoot myself as I am now too old to keep up to this Mr Ed fellow.

How could any of us "old fellas" hope to keep up with this Mr Ed? I'm stuffed just from reading that, let alone contemplating all that bedroom gymnastics that was going on!

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Paris that is the best review err blog on this site, bit jealous of the praise of younger men, will just have to make it up with guile and cunning.

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Bloody hell...what hope have the old pensioners got...I cant get up from my desk at the moment and typing this with one hand..

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Erotic novelist indeed....

And you blokes are all spot on. Regular guys like us couldn't hope to put in that kind of performance. I feel so.....inadequate....*sob*

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Very well written Paris. Your writing has come a long way, from ghost sex stories and strangely placed punctuation ;)

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Daydreamer just a cheeky thought maybe Marseilles and Eduardo should meet Lol

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