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Henry's life as a Gigolo



Posted in December 2009 on another forum. I got the feeling from other subsequent posts in other thread that another male escort actually thought that this was serious competition. :lol:


I've been following this thread with interest, and feel that I should provide some input here.


I think that everyone would recognise me as a punter on here, but it is probably not widely known that I have worked full time as a male escort in the past (strictly for women only I hasten to add, just in case Wolfie is reading this). I still see a few long term regulars, but these days it's just a bit of extra pocket money for my punting funds.


My web site is here







Just purely out of interest.... Say it was you ( the men ) working in a parlour, what would you charge extra for, bearing in mind you will get women of all race, age, ugly, fit, sexy, smelly comming in through the door.....


There seems to be 2 questions involved here Cristal


1. What are a typical male escort's views in regard to extras?

2. How do male escorts handle ugly or unhygienic clients?


In regard to the first question, my website clearly states that "Any payment is in exchange for my time only. Anything implied or inferred within should not to be taken as inducement for payment for anything other than time and companionship. Anything else that may take place is a matter of personal choice between consenting adults and it is not contracted for, nor is it requested to be contracted for in any way."


Given that statement, it would be ludicrous for me to charge for an 'extra', unless you wanted a longer time.


Also, I'm a bit of a softie at heart, and given my rates, I really feel that trying to gouge some additional cash on top of the outrageous price that I charge would not help me to sleep well at night, despite the fact that they are dumb enough to pay prices like that in the first place.




Would you charge an wrinkly old woman with no teeth to be able to kiss you??


If you're talking fugly (aka a brown paper bag job) then no, I wouldn't charge extra (see above). I just close my eyes and pretend that I'm in a state of ecstacy. Last piece of advice is "Don't look down". Some of the best blow jobs I've had are from women with no teeth. At least they don't scratch your cock with their teeth, and they find it hard to stop the cum dribbling out afterwards.


Tits down to her knees? No problem. Well you perty upstanding girls out there don't know what you're missing. You've obviously never had your clit and nipples licked simultaneously. You have to experience it to believe it, based on the feedback I've had.




Would you charge for a woman to have the privalage of sucking your cock??


Whose privilege is that? Hers or mine? I'd prefer a gummy suck though.




What about a womans bits that stank to high heaven, would she have to pay for you to lick her out??


This is really the second part of the question.


Cheesy cunts? Again not a problem. I'll let you into a little trade secret here ladies. I fill up my lube bottle with hand sanitiser. When I come across a smelly cunt I just reach for the 'lube' and give the cunt a bit of a wipe and then remove any cheesy bits with a tissue. I feed them some bullshit about how the 'lube' is special and will make them more sensitive and give them a more intense orgasm. There's a mug punter born every minute. I also use it to give my dick a wipe before she goes down on me. It's amazing what these dumb punters will believe, but they reckon that it tastes just like normal lube. :lol:


But ladies. Please pay a bit more attention to your hygiene before you come and see me. Make sure you wash 'down there' well. Even if you don't shave your pussy, please shave your arsehole. I've seen some hairy dates in my time, and there is nothing worse than a hairy arse for attracting dingleberries. Also make sure that you pay attention to your feet. I love to suck toes, and I recently couldn't work for a while because I had gone to town bareback on a client who must have had a fair amount of toe jam. I was off for a couple of weeks with oral athletes foot. I now provide rubber socks for this, as my health is important to me.


On the question of safe sex, I always insist on it. I always use a dental dam to pleasure you. OK, OK, I admit it. I've sometimes forgotten to do that in the heat of passion, when I'm pissed, or if you are a hot babe. That must make it about 95% of the time that I forget about the rubber fetish. :lol:




What if the woman was mega fit, would you let her do what she wanted with you for no extra charge??


Fit or not, I just don't charge extras (see above).


Some things are not mentioned on my website, so please feel free to PM me. I also do fantasies such as:


1. Westie - I dress up in stubbies, ugg boots and a wife beater, and abuse the shit out of you during our time together.

2. North Shore Silvertail - I dress in an expensive suit during our encounter. It is only about one hour after our meeting that you realise that you haven't had any decent sex. But girl, you sure know that your ego has been stroked.

3. Bikie - Leathers and chains. I spend the time watching league on the telly while you bring cans of VB from the fridge. The session climaxes when I piss all over you.


If those don't take your fancy, please contact me with suggestions. My normal experience is a true BFE. That is a BFE in the Aussie sense, so please understand that after I climax, I get up and wipe my dick on the curtains, lie back down, fart and then start snoring.

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