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second blog



As a horny male. I find the 10 posts a little frustrating. I originally joined to read some of the reviews. While I am learning my way round this site it can feel a little confusing at why we have to jump through so many hoops.


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Don't think of it as jumping through hoops Jas. PP is a collection of like minded people, we all want to see others joining in and bringing with them their own experiences and points of view. The 10 posts can, I admit be frustrating, but it's all about joining a community and being part of it.


Looking forward to your most welcome contributions :)

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But so that you know, posting blog entries won't help with your post count, you may want to try to join a discussion thread (Punting Discussion), or much better share a review with us. Even some positive comments to others' reviews will increase your post count. Honestly, getting to 10 posts doesn't take much at all.


Also, the only thing you cannot do yet is see the galleries and members' profiles, but you can read and participate on the forums, including the reviews.


And when you see a girl, just try to ask them for her working name and use it during the booking, that way you'll remember it (if that fails, ask her to remind you of her name when you are leaving, not just useful for reviews but if you wish to see her again) :)

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