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Bodyline - 18/05/07 - Gemma

Trouser Area




I've never reviewed Gemma on a forum, though I've seen her a dozen times and like her alot. I went back to see her today, for old times sake.


She's a very pretty and cheery blonde lass, in her late twenties (actually, she must be upwards of thirty odd but looks after herself), with a knockout lithe, trim body. She's lost a little weight and might be about size 8 or so. Nice B cup tits.


She gives a great service, BUT there are some strict rules about touching (tits only and only gently) and no pussage whatsoever (you stroke the cat at your peril) and definitely no DATY. DFK? No way.


She gives a lovely, very gentle massage with oil. Really a light caress rather that a massage (which I like). You'll get no remedial deep tissue work from this lass. She keeps quiet the whole time and you (well I anyway) fall into a half sleep and it's wonderful. She gently strokes bum crack and the tackle as part of it and has beautiful soft hands. Gradually you feel the stirrings in the trouser.


She turns down the lights and asks you to turn over and puts oil all over herself and begins to gently run her breasts over you cock. It feels exquisite. Then she straddles your thigh and rubs herself in time to her MAGNIFICENT two handed light stroking of your cock and balls, while you admire and gently rub her breasts. Slowly the arousal builds and you can't hang on any more and a fine climax results. She gently cleans you up and gives a head and neck massage to finish and everyone's happy.


I've always liked Gemma and I kind of admire that she's never caved in on extras. She's very comfortable to be with and you can completely relax with her in the knowledge that she has a set routine (what I've described above has pretty much always been what's happened in 13 visits over 5 years) and is in control. I always go the hour, by the way. Being with her today was like your first night back in your own bed after a long trip overseas. Good to be home.


I did sense that she may have been a little surprised at my long absence (10 months) and asked if I'd been coming in but had kept missing her. I said erm, yes, that was right, and felt a little pang of remorse, until money changed hands and I was brought back to my senses.


Anyway, there you go. She's not for you if you demand plenty of extras but she's a great girl who's excellent at what she does.


Cheers TA




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