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Bodyline - 20/12/06 - Zoe

Trouser Area


Hi all,


After reading many rave reviews and trying for about six weeks, I finally managed to coordinate a trip to Bodyline with Zoe being on. I rang and booked ahead to make sure there'd be no disappointment. I opted for the hour and didn't ask her about extras. I had a feeling her basic service was going to be good enough.


When I first saw Zoe, I realised that what everyone says about her is true. She isn't a raving beauty, but she has something about her that screams "SEX!". Stkildacat at AE described her as "Pretty in a slutty way", and I can't think of a better way to sum it up. She has medium length black hair and is medium height, but nothing else about her is medium at all. She does indeed have a lovely smile, complete with the famous dimples. She has an easy, friendly manner and is kind of raucous. Gives the impression that she's up for anything. She has lovely, smooth, lightly tanned skin, a gorgeous trim but plush arse and her tits...well...where to start? They are about B cup and they are firm and kind of pointy and sit up like eager puppies. Her nipples are gorgeous and puffy, when erect. When they are oiled up, those tits are the most desirable objects I've ever seen, played with or sucked.


Zoe began with a wonderful massage that was sensual right from the kick-off, using hot oil (ooh baby). Lots of heavy breathing and groaning. Plenty of reaching under for dick and balls and lots of massaging of my date. Not too rough, but not too light. While she was doing this she cuddled up and rubbed herself on me. I played with her arse and pussy, which she seemed to like. She got up and did a fantastic, super-oily bodyslide that was nice and slow and included running her nipples on my arse. Great!


Upon turnover, she oiled me up and rubbed herself all over me. I sat up a little and played with her nipples and sucked them awhile, while she groaned and panted. I played with her pussy a little more and kept licking and sucking those tits. She kept gently stroking my cock until it all got to the point of no return and I had a big finish. She kept stroking the shaft while I came, kind of milking it. A wonderful sensation (some girls don't realise that fiddling with, or pumping the head at this point is not too good). Totally drained and panting like a racehorse, I had to lie there a while and she hit the shower. A little more chat and a few laughs and the session was, sadly, over.


This chick is absolutely top-notch. Looks 8/10; Manner 9/10; Service 9/10. All up, 9/10. I expect that she'd be even better on a return visit.


Thanks, you guys who reviewed her. You were spot on. She's the best recommendation I've ever had off a forum. I'll be back for sure.


God bless you, Zoe, TA



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