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July 2010 - Ladies for Gentlemen (Sharon) - My Own Age




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Been trying a few new ideas lately in regard to punting. I thought this time I'd go back to basics just for the hell of it. Called in at, yes you guessed it, LfG, after work for some relief from a stressful day. Only one lady available by the name of Sharon.


Sharon was a curvy lady of about 50 something with short auburn hair and a pleasant school ma'am face. I was tossing up whether to go or stay and decided I was going to try an experiment. Don't ask me why but I've been thinking lately what would it be like to be a hooker, a male hooker to middle age ladies looking for the MFE with a guy of their own generation. Let's play out the fantasy. I stayed.


Really though. What would it take? A muscular, toned body, a devilishly handsome, mature face, a honk like a rolling pin, the intelligence of Barry Jones, the creativity of David Boyd and the charm of Jimmy Steins. So where's the hard bit? Ad in cracker- easy. Schedule a few bookings - easy. Charge $500 an hour including DATY with a dam - easy. DFK at my discretion -easy. Let the money roll in - ripper. What are we waiting for.


Always wanted to get that little rant out of my system, hahahehe. Back to Sharon.


Sharon pretty much summed up the experience when she had finished disrobing and climbed onto the bed. She said "... I know it's no Elle McPherson body but I'll leave you satisfied ..." What more can I say. Her kissing was very pleasant, her breasts and pussy were very serviceable, her enthusiasm couldn't be faulted and her energy and personality were creditable.


I only had two issues. The first was the BJ. Apart from the fact it was CBJ which surprised me a little, it was a bit toothy resulting in soreness so I moved on from that pretty quickly. The second was psychological. I guess when I'm paying for sex, I'm paying to fuck a younger lady with a certain level of youthful beauty. I say that WADR to Sharon because she was a good shag, but it just didn't feel right.


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