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Liaisons - 23/04/06 - Lily



Since this weekend I spent it doing miscellaneous things that needed to be done, it was a bit of a dull one. However, I didn't want to write it off completely because otherwise then the week starts and I'm in a shitty mood at work. So, punting presenting itself as a solution.




For some reason, earlier in the day I kept thinking of visiting La Petite Aroma but as it got late I couldn't imagine going all the way to Chatswood by public transport on a Sunday night. Amore, yes also too far. After an educated guess, I ruled out my latest places like Club 121 and Allure because I suspected that last night their line-ups wouldn't have been my cup of tea. Kings Cross? Well, not too original and always a gamble. It was after that process of elimination that I thought of Liaisons in Edgecliff. Back in the 90s I used to go very often to Liaisons but gradually I became disenchanted. It was 1998 the last time I visited, so I thought I could at least see their line-up.


For where I live, Edgecliff should be considered a short walk away. Easy, walk down Oxford Street and then turn on Glenmore Road and walk all the way up to 535 and voila, Liaisons. I've done it many times in the daylight (not to go to Liaisons necessarily). On a Sunday night, however, it's a very, very dark and solitary walk, almost creepy really. On top of that, can someone please explain me, why Glenmore Road makes a 90 degree turn around that cricket field? I kept walking straight down a street, which by all means should be Glenmore Road but it wasn't. So, I got lost and had to walk back to a street that some madman decided it could still carry the name Glenmore Road. I guess people in Adelaide don't have that sort of problem.


Finally I arrived to Liaisons and I was greeted by a young receptionist who led me to a waiting room. After the usual questions she sent six girls for an intro. Two were to my liking, but I decided to ask them all about their service. For some reason, most were a bit surprised about my style of questions; I think the norm may be just a greeting at intro stage and feel free to find out the rest in the rooms. Anyway, I found out what I wanted and among the original answers I must single out a girl who quoted me $100 extra for going down on her (BTW, prices are $170, $230 & $290). Until then the girl was about to attract my patronage but she lost me with that one. Mind you, after I booked, to my surprise, the receptionist told me to pick up a $50 discount voucher on my way out. (Eventually she gave me two, one for the day and other for the night. They are valid until May 27th tough)




In the end, I went for 30 minutes with Lily, who did not charge extra for cunnilingus but did charge extra for kissing. Except, I decided to do without the kissing this time and have fun with the rest.


Lily is approx. 170 cm tall, size 10, B or C cups, very long wavy dark hair, hazel/green eyes, pretty face, broad shoulders (I thought that gym-shaped but apparently not). She's also pretty young, probably early twenties or less, and last night was apparently her first night after a long break from the industry. She also seems very shy but not unfriendly; she probably found it hard to chat with an older geiser like me. However, as you will see, Lily has a hard work ethic.


She took me to a room with a monitor on the wall with some porn playing and music coming out of the speakers. I thought of asking her to kill both things but since I was only staying half hour, I decided to ignore the whole thing. A shame really, because Liaisons being a nice terrace house could have a much more sophisticated mood than that one.


After the shower, we jumped onto bed and she started playing with my willy and kissing my nipples (trying at least, as I’m too ticklish sometimes). She removed her bra but left her panties on and started rubbing her private parts with mine; that felt pretty good. After a little while I got rid of her panties and jumped on top and teased her a little.


She then reached for a condom but I didn't give her time to put it on yet; instead I went down on her. Her pussy was shaven and I managed to please her for a while. She really reacted well to this and after covering little AndyJ with a rubber hood, she returned the favour. Her oral technique was very good despite her young age. After that, we started shagging and went through quite a few positions. She felt quite tight and when I came she squeezed me with her great muscles up to the very last drop... or so I thought. But just when I believed it was pillow-talk time, she offered me a massage. As you can gather, everything had been great with Lily, except conversation. I can't really complain because her massage soon evolved into another CBJ and she worked those jaws beautifully. I decided to continue by hand; she was a bit surprised since she was planning to jump on top again, but I would have never finished on time within the 30 minutes. This other way, I did and I have to consider myself a very happy lad for it. Kudos to Lily who displays either the experience of someone older or less years than what she really has.


On my way back home, I decided to walk up Edgecliff Road as it started raining. I thought it would be easier to go back to Oxford Street that way. After a very long and wet walk I found myself in Bondi Junction... Eventually, I found my way home by public transport. :rolleyes:


Update Posted by: AndyJ 28th May, 2006 - 11:33am

Just a line to say that Lily is another girl with whom repeat visits get better. I think I've mentioned as part of another Liaisons review that I had seen her again and I had a great time.


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