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Penis size matters



I think I was away for about 12 months or maybe even 18 months from PP so it might be time to revive the old blog. I kind of regret deleting all the old thoughts I wrote down but oh well the past is the past!


PENIS SIZE. I'm going to put my thoughts on the topic here so that it doesn't clog up the forums.


Mine's small, I think it's just over 5inches at its absolute best with little girth, and as a small penis I'm a grower too so when I'm flaccid it's basically an oversized clitoris so I have double the embarrassment. It doesn't matter what any woman says having a penis like that is NOT MANLY at all and it's highly embarrassing. When you meet people you can pretty much get an idea of everything about that person physically without seeing them naked so there is no real shocks and surprises as you can see the size of the boobs or the body type through a shirt etc but the penis is pretty much the final reveal and the look of disappointment is VERY REAL and women (and possibly gay men too, I don't know) can deny that it doesn't exist but it does because I have seen it and it's a subconscious reaction that can't be controlled it just happens. The look of disappointment is where the girl stares at it hoping that it is still growing and then she realises that that is all there is to it and that resigned look of the eyes and the face that drops is the same every time.


It's not just about sex that is bothering about it too. It's actually a physical annoyance away from sex, for example I pretty much can't take a piss standing up because it's so small I will end up dribbling some on my pants and who wants to have dribbled urine on their pants? Have you see a male toilet at a nightclub or a pub? They are not to be a sat on they are bio-terrorist zones, disgusting. Not to mention having to pull out a little tic tac in front of other guys at the urinal that's embarrassing as well.


Then there is sex itself which is the big one. A woman that says it doesn't matter is not telling the truth in my opinion. I can't speak on what it feels like but there's definitely no noticeable pleasurable indicators that come from the women when the little-little fella is inside. Having a small one also reduces the amount of positions that can be performed and unfortunately for the women doggystyle is immediately out of the equation as it isn't long enough to navigate the little extra distance required to enter and small ones need all of the help they can get! Maybe I'm just unlucky with having paid sex and unpaid sex (only 2 women) who could not or did not want to position themselves in certain ways to accomodate the small dick but in my experience I've never been able to perform doggystyle. Pretty much the only position is to be on top of the girl but on my knees in an upright position (whatever position that is) and her on top and even then the dick is either going to constantly pop up or she is going to hop off the dick constantly when she is on top.


It's honestly pretty annoying be told, especially by women, that "it's no big deal having a small penis" well it is! You're not the one who has to live with it, I am. You're not the one who reveals themself to be an incredible physical disappointment. Bigger is better if nothing else but to look good.


I've lost my train of thought as I had something to do just now but yeah having a small dick is embarrassing.


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Penis size probably only matters at all during sex if the person you are trying to flash your willy at cares more for your size than for your heart and mind. Perhaps concentrate on penetrating someone with your heart and mind in the first instance.


Pissing standing up etc. It may surprise you to learn many guys have trouble with taking their cocks out in public.


Teenagers get boners whenever and are deeply embarrassed at the inconvenient truth.


Black men have the expectation they have a big swinging dick and have other guys trying to take a peek and see if it's true for example.


Guys with prostate problems will have trouble getting a steady flow out, and will dribble on themselves as well.


Gingers will be expecting people to LOL at the red fluff around their pale and pink privates.


Guys with foreskins will worry its too droopy looking etc


Guys without foreskins will worry the Bell End is an unusual or weird shape etc


Overweight guys will worry their cock is swallowed-up in the folds of their big hanging gut


Very hairy guys will worry their cock nestles in a rich carpet of dark fur – but will be too scared to trim in case it makes them seem Gay (the same guys will wax their legs to go bicycle riding though – so go figure).


Cocks don't define us nearly as much as how our waking thoughts define us.


“With out thoughts we make the world” - Buddha had a small cock no doubt - which is probably why Philosophers they tend to be so introspective and whiny! :D


Good luck with it all though :D

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I feel your pain as a fellow "little man". I think it does make a difference in sex (up to a point). For me its meant I always try and find a smaller stature or petite WL. Being with a size 12+ is like me throwing a sausage down a hallway. I don't see much enjoyment from them, and with a rubber as well i don't actually feel much. Its mean i tend to focus on oral a lot more, and use a lot of the BJ only services. But my only thing to say to you is, you have what you have and you are who you are in this life. Find a good, sensitive WL... And strip down in front of her proudly, to help you at least get comfortable with yourself.

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I feel your pain of being a "little man". It can be tough on your ego and self esteem. I think with sex there is probably a middle ground. Big, but not too big. But yeah, I've been with some WLs and i get the impression it the sex is a bit of a non event for them. But a few things;


1) Oral services are your best friend. Size actually means you can go "deeper" and it's (for me anyway) really enjoyable and satisfying.

2) The only time I do full service is with very small petite WLs as generally the feeling is better. If they're size 10+, I have less feeling from it (like throwing a sausage down a corridor) and I am sure they do too.

3) Most of all, you have what you have and you are what you are in this world. One reason I started punting was to try and help my confidence in getting the little bloke out in front of a woman. And to their credit, every WL has been professional and some even complimentary, and that has helped.

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There are a few online support groups for men with small penises. You may find some helpful advice there, although I will warn you that some of the members will scoff at 5 inches being small, as there are quite a few guys who post who have less than 3 inches, which is considered a micro penis.

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I'd rather a client with a small dick than a big dick.

Big dick's can hurt, especially if the guy has no idea what he is doing!

There has been so many times where I've had to change my angle so that it wouldn't hit the end because the bloke didn't know how to fuck.

Also I'd rather not have my twat filled with a cock the size of my arm! Would much prefer on the size of a finger.

Then again that's just me and everyone is different.


And Serena, I totally agree! :)

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