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I never worked in a parlour. The more I read about them, the happier I am to have avoided this path. Of course I can see the advantages; no need to see to the admin hassles of phone calls, time wasters, ads etc. Safety and security is well taken care of too.


I think the disadvantages would be the inabillity to set my own price and the flexibility around time. For a preferred regular I enjoyed not having to rush him out the door and if he wanted to chat for an extra 10 - 15 minutes no harm was done. I particularly enjoyed seeing woman and couples (the ragiing lezzo in me came to the fore), and if I struck a hottie either by herself or with her guy, I would often go well over time. Terribly unprofessional, I know!


And what about a buzzer going off - how unsexy.


The other aspect is the 'meat market' angle. Parade in to the intro and strut your stuff. Yuck. It's possibly why now as a female punter I don't like to go to brothels to choose a WL. I'm too empathetic and would worry about hurting the feelings of the lady / ladies not chosen. Particularly as there is unlikely to be a large amount of WLs who see single women on a shift. If there were 12 WLs rostered on, I wouldn't expect more than 2 or 3 to intro. That makes choosing one and rejecting the other one or two particularly awkward!


I applaud ladies who work in parlours. It must be so boring on a quiet night waiting for punters to arrive. At least if you're at home (not Vic, obviously), you can do the washing, feed the pets and generally use your downtime constructively. I always got a lot done on a slow day and the house was sparkling.


There will always be men who love the convenience of parlours and ladies who enjoy working in them for the same reason. I look forward to when Victoria's restrictive sex work laws change and the women who work in parlours are there because they genuinely want to be and not because archaic laws present them from legally working from their own premises.


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Interesting. The majority of the people I see work in brothels and there are goods and bads with any scenario.


Some goods that I am aware of:




A few places I know of let the ladies stay in the rooms overnight when the last customer has gone. This is illegal in Victoria so none of us should say where but some stories the ladies have told me over the years include:


One lady had her house broken into and didn't feel safe at home. She contacted her boss, the Mamasan, and stayed at the brothel until she could get the locks at home changed and her sister could come and stay over.


One lady had a bitter argument with her house-mate and stormed out. The house-mate moved some friends in immediately and the chick effectively became homeless overnight. She was staying in the brothel 24x7 while the situation resolved.


One lady was making regular court appearances and was expecting she might need to go inside for non-payment of fines. She reasoned doing shifts in a brothel and sleeping there afterwards was better than paying rent or going to a share house.


* * *


Secret undisclosed location


From time to time I meet someone that only works during the day because she needs to drop the kids at school in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. So she can only do the sexy biz though school hours and hubby presumably thinks she is out shopping if he was to ever come home early. So for a lady in this position, she doesn't need anything sex-work related at home in any way shape or form. She goes to the brothel, works, and then leaves the whole sexy business behind her when she leaves. This allows her to completely partition the job from her personal space.


* * *


One lady that I see has a fair bit of freedom with her boss and can say she is taking a break any time. After she and I got to know each other she would warn the boss that I would be overstaying and not to take any bookings on her behalf until I had gone. She usually did a fine job of the sex and then got me to rub her back for a bit after the sex. This arrangement worked well because the boss was kept in the loop, the lady got a rest between bookings and I got to overstay for the chit-chat part. Obviously she only did this when it wasn't busy and on other times she would hustle me out the door more-or-less on time.


* * *


I see a lot of people where English is their second language and they really lack confidence. Yes they could advertise on Location or Backpage and see people at home, but since they are guest workers some of them are terrified any form of legal trouble will mess with their desire to be Aussies and they just won't take the risk. So you could say they are being exploited by Aussie men as they work at such low price-points, but you can also say that he conditions back home are far worse and so by those standards, making small regular amounts of Australia money is better that making tiny amounts of money for far more hours back home.


+ + +

 My two cents

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I started out as a brothel worker and in all honesty, if anyone asks me about getting in the industry i advise them to do the same. The skills you can learn in a brothel are priceless. And the security of having other people around really helps. 

Sure it has its up and downs, but so does being a private. 

I sometimes go back to brothel work when i want a holiday from answering phones and dealing with bullshit lol. 

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 It must be so boring on a quiet night waiting for punters to arrive.


it depends on the other girls working on shift and dynamics of the group. How well everyone gets along with each other. 


When the group dynamics are right. It's like a slumber party and it's not boring at all. 


One of the funnest days i had was when it was a quiet day and all the girls decided to order pizza, watch a movie and get drunk. Things started getting crazy on the 2nd bottle. I don't drink alcohol but i decided to have 1 drink because i was being festive. I got drunk on 1 drink. Haha Days like that don't happen often. Really depends on the dynamics of the group. On this occasion. All 4 of us where comfortable with each other and had formed a friendship

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As a punter who has been mostly in parlours his whole career but has seen privates on trips away and special occassions. It's night and day. As much as I love private ladies cause of the whole personal touch and unrushed aspect. It'sparlours for cost and convenience. But you do have very valid points Simone

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@Saul - I think safety and the ability to 'dip in and out' of sex work are the two big advantages of a parlour.


@Holly - I too think that newbies should start in a parlour, or working for an agency. You need to learn the ropes somewhere.


@femmebot - yes, there can be some amazing camaraderie amongst the girls. I actually miss that at times!


@Ian - both definitely have a place, agree.

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Such negative writing about brothels when they have so many positives for the worker and punter.

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@Disaster - please do write a counter satire piece. I shall look forward to it!


I can see many positives for a punter, for sure, although not for the type of punter I am. I like to get an idea of the WL's personality before making a booking.

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Actually I was talking to a WL about parlous  on the weekend (whilst catching our breath)  anyhow, she had at some stage worked in parlous.  I have never been in one,  (one day when I might)  Now when I told her why I have never been in one, she laughed and called me silly.  The reason?  I would feel so awful being introduced to say 6 girls, then picking one and feeling guilty about not picking the others.  She said I should toughen up.  Any how, I said I might have 5 envelopes with $20 in for the girls that I did not choose, just as thanks for meeting me.  She said there would be a stampede if I ever went back.   

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