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Gigi's - 31/12/07 - Champagne2



Originally posted January 1, 2008.


NB - this is NOT Champagne from The Melbourne Colosseum. There is a possibility that this new discovery might soon come to Melbourne, but if she does, it will be under another name. Watch this space :)


On Sunday, Gigi's manager Kevin told me about a new lady who had started at Gigi's on Saturday. He said she is a dark skinned lady named Champagne. My reaction was that if she is half as good as her namesake at the Melbourne Colosseum, she will be worth a booking. After some delay, Kevin arranged for Champagne to come out to meet me. She walked into the room and I was stunned! She is one of the most spectacularly beautiful ladies I have even seen. She is very dark, with a beautiful face of supermodel quality. Her body is slim, making her appear taller than she probably is. She was very welcoming and friendly. I made a booking for 2pm the next day (Monday).


I arrived a few minutes early for my 2pm booking and Kevin's wife or partner, the daytime mamasan, ushered me into room 3. Kevin's wife, incidentally, is a very attractive Thai lady. I am sure many punters mistake her for a WL - wishful thinking fellas! Kevin came in to the room and advised that Champagne was showering upstairs, after a very late night party with all the Gigi's staff last night. He took the $160 for the hour booking, but I warned him that if she is anywhere near as good as I anticipated, then I would probably extend by another hour.


I should mention, as an aside, that I have long adopted the policy of limiting first time bookings to 30 minutes due to the occasional bad experiences with new ladies. I was even more surprised at my lack of caution in Champagne's case, given the frequent examples of beautiful WLs being arrogant and feeling that they do not need to perform.


Kevin suggested I shower and promised Champagne would be down in a few minutes. I noted the time I entered the shower - 1.54pm. I was finishing drying myself at 2.02pm when Champagne arrived, full of apologies for keeping me waiting. She was dressed in a pair of denim hot pants over a tiny leopard skin bikini. This beautifully highlighted her silky smooth dark skin. We lay together on the bed chatting. She apologized that she might not be at full strength due to the late-night party last night. I assured her that she could relax, as I definitely would not be making her work hard - the opposite turned out to be the case :)


I explained to her the startling impact she had on me when I met her last night. Like most truly beautiful ladies, she does not appreciate how stunning she is, and is full of insecurity and criticism of her own body. In particular, she is embarrassed that her breasts are too small and thinks she should have them enhanced. I assured her that they are perfect for her very slim body and delicate frame. With her permission, I untied her bikini top, slipped it off and had to coax her to show me her breasts, which are A-cup, but with prominent, quickly erectile, dark nipples. Magnificent, and just right for her! I pointed out to her the unmistakable impact the sight of her breasts and nipples had on my dick - a rigid erection does not lie! The seem to be impressed with the logic of this argument :)


The following profile of Champagne emerged from discussions throughout the session, but I will deal with all of it here to keep it in one place. Surprisingly, she is Thai, but with rare dark-skinned Chinese ancestry on one side. Her features are reminiscent of some of Thailand's most beautiful models, many of whom are of mixed Thai and western descent. Her skin is very dark, reminding me of some of the most spectacular Indian ladies in my distant past. Champagne is only 1.58m (5ft 2in) tall, but looks far taller because of her slim body and beautiful long legs. In her bare feet, she stood in front of me and surprised me by how much shorter than me she is (and I am of only average height). But when she puts on her high heels, she came up to equal height with me, but nevertheless looks like she is closer to 1.8m (6ft)! She said she weighs only 45kg. She could easily pass for early 20s age group. When I asked her how old she is, she shared with me her real birth date. I will not reveal it to the world, but merely point out that like so many beautiful Thai ladies, she is actually older than she looks. She has medium length hair, died a dark honey blonde, almost a perfect match to her dark skin. Wow - I wish I could show you a picture!


When Champagne slipped off the tiny bikini bottoms, she was still shyly trying to hide her beautiful breasts. I made this difficult for her by gently opening her legs so I could closely inspect her pussy. She tried to shyly hide her pussy without totally revealing her breasts. We were both laughing at her shyness, so I asked her a very explicit question. I said she has admitted she thinks she needs to have her breasts surgically enhanced, but what does she think she needs to change with her pussy? She smirked at me, suggested I was very clever, admitted that she likes her pussy very much and would not change it all – then slowly moved her hands so I could continue my close inspection. She has a well trimmed small landing strip of pubic hair, above fully shaved pussy lips. And I had to agree with her, her pussy is perfect, definitely not to be changed!


Her tummy is flat and her waist is tiny, flaring out to make her hips look wider, but in perfect proportion to her slim body and beautiful looong legs. Her bum is perfect - round and tight, emphasized by that smooth dark skin!


OK, enough of the erotic profile. What about the action?


Throughout our preliminary conversation, my inspection of her delightful breasts and pussy, and her shy attempts to hide herself, Champagne nevertheless frequently let one hand wander to caress my rampantly hard dick. I must admit that after my pleasing performance with Joyce at Diamonds 24 hours earlier, I was a little nervous about whether my little brother would let the side down at some inconvenient point in the proceedings with Champagne. I can report with pride that he performed with rigid discipline for the entire session. I don't take any credit for this - it is entirely thanks to the incredible beauty and sexiness of Champagne.


Once Champagne had passed her initial shyness about her breasts, she admitted that her nipples are very sensitive and she loves to have them teased and licked and sucked. I positioned her on her back and knelt over her so I could work on her breasts and nipples with my lips and tongue. She was certainly telling the truth - she really does react very strongly to this. I even wondered if she might be able to reach orgasm this way. I teased her for some time, while she kept her hands busy playing with my dick.


Next she returned the favour by positioning me on my back and giving her full attention to my dick. She combined expert manual technique with rubbing the head of my dick on her nipples, which was great for both of us. Suddenly she surprised me by escalating to a wonderful BBBJ, which continued for a long time with many exquisite variations. While she was doing this, she began rubbing her pussy on my legs and encouraged me to touch her pussy, which was becoming very wet.


I finally interrupted this to avoid cumming too soon, and spread her legs so I could return the oral favour. Her pussy was very receptive, and she was impatient for me to accelerate past my initial teasing stages of DATY to get to the full action. I gave it my very best efforts based on decades of dedicated practice. However, I am always strongly aware that the first time with a new partner must be a learning experience. I tried many subtle variations, and found it was easy to push Champagne to the edge of orgasm, but not quite over it!


After much effort from both of us, I urged her to rest. She immediately returned to where we had left off in the BBBJ action - this didn't seem like resting, but I was not about to lodge a complaint! Soon she had me very close again to orgasm, and in a ill-judged attempt to distract myself, I motioned her to swing around to 69. She did this in an instant, filling my mouth with her beautiful pink pussy. I tested a new range of DATY techniques from this angle, but still without pushing her over the edge. It did, however, push me even closer to cumming, thanks to her even more intense BBBJ efforts coupled with the delights of burying my face in her pussy.


Once again I had to interrupt the action. I explained to Champagne that at my age I would not be able to cum more than once in a session, so we had to make it last. While we paused to come back to earth, I decided to take the risk of asking her a very personal question. I explained that she could choose to ignore or reject my request, but I really wanted her to teach me how to make her cum. I said I appreciated that every woman is different, and that given enough time to experiment, I was confident I could eventually work it out, but it would be much quicker if she chose to instruct me. Champagne was astonished at this request. She admitted that she is frustratingly slow to reach orgasm, but no boyfriend or customer has ever asked her this. She said she was delighted to tell me. In fact she immediately showed me - manual self stimulation is the simple secret. She said she needs to play with her pussy in a particular way (she showed me in detail but I won't reveal everything here), while at the same time I lick her nipples and help in other creative ways. She said she has never been comfortable discussing this with any male before, as she feared they would be insulted that she needed to touch herself to achieve orgasm. I agree that many fragile male egos might find this disappointing!


She immediately moved into practical tutorial mode. We spent some time trying a range of techniques, with Champagne achieving several intense, shuddering orgasms! Yes, now I understand! I was delighted to discover that she has the rare ability to cum, then continue building to the next climax without any rest or recovery period. I love it!


When I finally prevailed upon her to rest, we realized we had already gone 45 minutes into the session without intercourse. I told her that I had decided before I arrived today that if we made a good connection, I would extend the booking to two hours. Champagne rewarded me with a very affectionate cuddle and said she was pleased we didn't have to rush to finish. She put a towel around her and slipped downstairs to organise the second hour.


When she returned she pretended she had reverted to shy mode, staying wrapped in the towel. Then she surprised me by cuddling me tight and whispering in my ear, "Do you want to fuck me now?" We immediately decided this was a great idea. A condom was quickly applied to my still erect dick, and Champagne climbed on in cowboy position. Her pussy proved to be very bit as tight as I had anticipated. She was still incredibly horny from her earlier unexpected orgasms, so she began to work herself towards another one. She employed a wide range of techniques to push herself over the edge, mainly impaling herself as deeply as possible on my dick and grinding herself onto me. This took some time, but it worked!


Champagne then shifted position onto her back, spreading her legs wide with knees bent back and high, inviting me to fuck her deep and hard. Earlier in conversation she had said that she doesn't like customers who want to spend their entire session pounding away, wearing out the WLs pussy! But now she pushed me constantly to keep stroking deep and hard, without any breaks. I have no idea if she reached a number of orgasms, or just came close each time. We swapped into various positions, until I asked if she likes doggy style. She surprised me by responding that this is her favourite, but it must be deep, hard and uninterrupted! I told her that her wish is my command.


We then worked our way through a number of variations on the doggy theme, including some where I encouraged Champagne to apply her fingers to the task, as well as my dick! Finally, with about ten minutes left in the session, I forced another break in the action. Champagne confirmed that she had most definitely reached more climaxes, but she had no idea how many!


I explained to Champagne that I was past the point where I had enough energy left to cum through more fucking while wearing the condom, so I suggested maybe we could finish via a HJ cumming on her breasts. In reply, she positioned me on my back at the edge of the bed, knelt on the floor beside the bed and began once again an exquisite BBBJ. I first assumed that this was a quick prelude to preparing me for the suggested HJ onto her tits. Wrong! Soon I realized that I was rapidly approaching the point of no return. I told her that I will give a warning before I cum. She shook her head strongly in the negative, without taking my dick out of her mouth, making for an interesting sensation. Within a few minutes, she took me to a delightful intense CIM orgasm - a most appropriate way to conclude a sensational two hours.


The buzzer sounded at 4.02pm, exactly two hours after Champagne arrived at the room. By the time I had showered and dressed, the total elapsed time from enter room to leave room was two hours and 14 minutes.


I give this delightful lady my highest recommendation. I rank this as the most sensational first visit booking in my life. I am proud that I am the first FIA member to discover her and post a review for the benefit of others.


If we are very lucky, maybe some day in the future we might prevail upon Champagne to visit Melbourne (under a different name). I am actively working on it.


This one is another true gem - be nice to her!




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