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Index of 2005 In Shag Miles!



Welcome to 2005 In Shag Miles!. This is a yearly summary of the reviews I posted on FIA since April 2005. Click on the links to read full reviews.


2005's list is by no means a complete one, since only working girls are reviewed and one or two may be missing, particularly the ones I saw before joining FIA. Also girls like Rebecca and Elise I saw many times, while most of the others only once. The list is more or less in chronological order.


Sarah at Le Boudoir, Collingwood

Sarah looks fantastic, albeit a bit too muscular. By far the tightest pussy I have experienced, to the extent that it felt a bit unnatural and left me wondering what's her trick. Silly thoughts went through my head and I wish I had enjoyed her without thinking that much. It would be interesting to see her again but not very probable.


Rebecca at The Grosvenor, Collingwood

She started as my surrogate WL when a former regular of mine, who worked at the same parlour, left the industry. However, Rebecca has earned herself a place among my all time favourites. Albeit sometimes overworked, she's generally full of energy and always willing to please. To that, add good looks and a great sense of humour and you have the perfect combination.


Theresa at The Main Course, North Melbourne

Everyone has a dark side, and when you're after anything but a girlfriend experience, The Main Course is the place to go. Theresa, friendly Asian girl, is famous for her BBBJ deep throat skills. Went there and tried it… nice, very nice… but that was it. I don't think I could really connect with her at any other level.


Melody at La Petite Aroma, Chatswood

While Latvian Melody was a one-off encounter kind of girl for me, she had the virtue of making me feel at ease again in a Sydney parlour. Bad experiences and astronomical prices had kept me away from them for quite some time. I had a good time with Melody; probably not great enough to make go back for more but I have fond memories of that stay.


Elise at Amore, Newtown

Like Rebecca, Elise has won herself a place among my all time favourites, and if she retires, I'll certainly miss her. With her pretty looks, part kitten, part vixen, Elise's experience is well beyond her young age. I will enjoy it while it lasts.


M.J. at Purely Blue, Bowen Hills

Despite being someone I saw only once, M.J.'s pretty face is still quite vivid in my mind. The most health/hygiene obsessed WL I have come across in many years. Okay maybe because of Queensland's laws... but she definitely had a vocation for it. She had a great body and she knew a trick or two on how to turn on a man. I'd only see her again under the most relaxed attitudes of parlours in SA or WA... which makes it extremely unlikely.


Holly at Remington's, Carlton

The bad, bad, bad girl of FIA's chatroom!... :) Getting to know Holly (aka Gucci Girl) was a special experience for me. She was the first ever girl I agreed to see without having seen at least a picture of her. The countdown was quite exciting and she lived up to my expectations. I have to say that she did her best to indulge me. Plans to see her a second time fell through but there's still time... I hope she comes back refreshed after the Xmas break.


Field Report - La Casa de Nana, Uruguay

This is one of the most well known brothels in this South American country, and here you can read about my impression of it before I get to tell you about the girls I saw over there.


Natalia at La Casa de Nana, Uruguay

The first girl of five I saw during my Socceroos tour of Uruguay. They played football, I went punting! :lol: Nice girl with a special charm. Not bad at all in the looks department. Services over there differ quite a bit from here. Not necessarily GFE with her... more of PSE instead but with plenty of room for friendly conversation. I saw her twice.


Ximena at La Casa de Nana, Uruguay

Authentic porn star experience with her with a body designed for that. Porn star lines too: ("Stick it all in!" while performing Greek on her). I'd happily see her again but distance does not allow it. Only girl in the parlour with enhanced boobs.


Mariana at La Casa de Nana, Uruguay

She did offer more GFE than most of the other girls... but what I like about her was a bit of a crazy attitude she had. It would've been interesting to see Mariana as a regular. Something tells me she's the kind of girl who would allow bareback sex after a while but also the kind of girl who could stab you with a knife when in a bad mood! :lol:


Every at La Casa de Nana, Uruguay

Every, the girl with the very strange name!... She was very sweet, she also provided GFE. I remember her huge bum as the most distinctive feature. Also, she had no particular interest in me leaving the room, which was nice from her.


Natalia & Kathya at La Casa de Nana, Uruguay

A kind of Main Course girl away from home. Kathya reminded me of actress Linda Fiorentino in that movie "Jade". Kathya's services differed a bit from the other girls. She had a kinky side to her. Funny enough, didn't click with her as well as I did with the other girls in this parlour.


Sara at Manhattan Terrace, Carlton

Sara is a nice girl and happens to have a librarian look with glasses and all. I did have a good time with her. By now she's probably not working any longer in Melbourne as that was her plan when I saw her.


Michelle at Manhattan Terrace, Kings Cross

While I have no doubts that Michelle is a nice girl, I believe that she not only dislikes her job but feels ashamed of it. I reckon she feels that offering a bad service somehow eases her guilt. She wasn't my worst experience; as a matter of fact, her service could be described as average in a place like the red light district of Amsterdam... but I know where to find better.


Alexis at Club 121, Pyrmont

My experience with this pretty girl is still very fresh in my mind and I have to say that it was great. Getting the GFE from my regulars, sometimes I feel for something a bit different and Alexis provided that perfectly. She is the prettiest WL who has given me a BBBJ. Nice view, you can be sure of it! ;)

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