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Melbourne Colosseum - 24/01/08 - JJ



Originally posted January 25, 2008


Rate: $250 for 1 hour.

JJ - Malaysian-Indian/Chinese, early 20s, 1.65m (5ft 5in), silky smooth dark skin, very slim with incredibly long legs, sexy tight bum, A-cup breasts with very dark nipples, cute face, fully shaved pussy, English limited but will improve fast.

Service - PSE/GFE, no extras charged, enjoys DATY, multi-orgasmic, showers with customer at beginning and end, and if she connects with customer BBBJ and CIM might be offered! Free! JJ is working evenings only.


The full saga:

Most definitely, YMMV.


MC regulars will be well aware that very few of the WLs at this popular parlour ever offer BBBJ, either as a standard service or as an extra. There is a well established WL mafia in this parlour who put bitchy pressure on any new WLs who they suspect might be offering BBBJ. Nevertheless, a few of the very same mafia WLs have been known to offer BBBJ to their favourite regular customers, either free or as a paid extra.


I have never heard of any MC WL providing CIM (until today).


JJ arrived at the MC this week, and started using the name JoJo. But as reported today, one FIA member

phoned to enquire about her, and the receptionist confused her with YoYo from Hong Kong. The receptionist claimed there is no Malaysian-Indian WL at the MC. I suspect this was Maggie Thatcher (Jennifer) who has been playing these bitchy games against her competitors for too long. JoJo today changed her name to JJ to avoid any confusion.


I recently provided a heads-up about Jessica, a new Korean WL at the Colosseum who sounded very promising. Earlier I had drawn attention to Yoyo from Hong Kong, who also seemed promising. In recent days, both these ladies were reviewed in the MC threads. Both were rated as being quite attractive, but providing only a pretty standard service. I have been assured by MC management that both are getting heaps of repeat bookings, so I suspect there is at least a possibility that the two reviewers simply did not connect too well with the WLs on the day. In the case of Yoyo, the reviewer suggested that he suspects her service might improve significantly on a return visit.


Because of these disappointing reviews, I decided not to risk another heads-up about JJ. I had already made a very brief mention of JJ in the MC General Discussion thread, mainly highlighting her for the FIA fans of Indian ladies. At that stage, all I knew about her was that she was Malaysian-Indian and attractive. She was too new to have heard any hint of her service qualities.


Tonight I called into the MC to catch sight of JJ for myself. I had a tentative idea that if she was highly tempting, I might book her to run a personal road test, rather than relying on others to get it right or wrong as the case might be. It is widely appreciated that I am a big fan of Asian ladies, but I am a sucker for beautiful Indian girls too. And they are far more rare in these parts.


Tonight I got one brief sight of JJ on her way to do an intro and I was convinced! Just my type (as far as Indian

ladies go) - tallish, slim, very dark skin, legs that go waaay up. I was hooked, and my little brother was already sounding action stations!


I booked JJ for an hour. I decided to take the risk for the team, and go with a full hour rather than the 30 minutes I usually limit myself to on a first booking (especially for an unreviewed lady).


JJ came upstairs and into the room as I was entering the shower. She quickly stripped and joined me. What a wonderful sight! Her legs are so long and slim and beautiful, Her skin is typically Indian - dark and smooth and satiny. It looked even more spectacular shining with droplets of water. I estimated her height at 1.6 to 1.65m and her weight at about 45kgs. She confirmed her height as 1.65m (the legs seem to be at least 70% of this) and weight as exactly 45kgs. Her bum is quite small and tight, but perfectly proportioned for her very slim body. The long legs and slim body make her look even taller than she is. Her breasts are small but shapely, probably A-cup, with lovely dark erectile nipples. Her pussy is fully shaved. She is early 20s. Her face is cute and not typically Indian, due to her mixed ancestry - Malaysian-Indian mother and Malaysian-Chinese father. She said she has been in Australia only about two months (mainly in Sydney) and apologised for her poor English.


After drying each other, we retired to the bed, laughing and joking despite (or perhaps because of) the occasional language difficulties. JJ began with a cat bath which started close to my groin and rapidly developed into a full BBBJ. I was very surprised by this unexpected development, and reacted only slowly. I decided to postpone the BBBJ until later and positioned JJ on her back so I could make a close inspection of her pussy (and find out if DATY was on the menu).


She spread her legs and began playing with her pussy - wow - very erotic sight! I soon began to lick around her pussy and she moved her hips to draw my tongue into closer contact. We spent about ten minutes building up a head of steam with my lips and tongue playing tunes from her anus to her clitoris. She particularly enjoyed deep tongue penetration of her pussy, and later encouraged me to insert one finger searching for her G-spot. Most of the time she had her eyes closed and had one hand guiding my head and the other playing with her nipples. I am confident she reached at least one orgasm, and maybe a second, but I can't be sure of that one. She expressed surprise that I seemed to enjoy her climax so much, saying that it is her job to make me cum, not the other way around.


After a brief rest, she resumed her skilful BBBJ activities, until I prompted her to swing around to 69. My God, what a beautiful bum and pussy at such close range! Her BBBJ technique is not the absolute best I have experienced, but it is nevertheless damned good, especially when she combined mouth and hand activities. I am sure she would respond well to any hands-on tuition. Next time . We continued this for a while until I couldn't hold back much longer. As we stopped, she admitted our 69 made her so horny that she was nearly cumming again.


JJ quickly applied a condom - I had forgotten to bring with me any of my favourite gossamer thin varieties. She mounted me cowgirl style and began a vigorous fucking action which I figured would not last too long, as it was too energy intensive for her. Her pussy is quite tight and I was concerned she might make me cum too soon. But I did not have to worry too long as she soon slowed down and began grinding her pussy onto my dick, ensuring the deepest penetration. It was clear she was building quickly to another orgasm. Within a minute or so she came very strongly, much more so than the earlier DATY climax. She collapsed down onto my body and after a short cuddle, I suggested she relax on her back and recover. JJ said she was now totally "without power".


While she lay back regaining her breath, I re-entered her in missionary position and began a very slow rhythm. I assured her I would keep it very slow and gentle so she could relax and recover. Good plan, but bad implementation by the team!


Within a short time, JJ was once again showing strong signs of arousal, with her eyes big in surprise. I allowed us both to gradually accelerate in speed and depth, but stopped before either of us reached a climax. I told her I was good for only one orgasm at my age, and I wanted to keep it until late in the session. I know this can sometimes lead to frustration due to waiting too long, but it was a risk I was prepared to take.


We then took a long break and chatted and laughed about many things. JJ told me that she was already unpopular with some of the other WLs as some stupid customer had told another WL that JJ gave him BBBJ. I suspect that the bastard was probably trying to pressure the other girl into providing the same. Stupid idiot. As a result, several of the other WLs have been hassling and abusing JJ, warning her not to provide BBBJ. I advised her to thank them for helping to educate her and assure them that she now always uses condoms for BJs.


By now I figured the time was running out, but both JJ and I had forgotten to check the time when we started. JJ quickly resumed her BBBJ efforts, and just as quickly, I repositioned her into 69 mode. This triggered a big grin from JJ.


Pretty soon I realised that I was not going to have any difficulty reaching my postponed orgasm. I was enjoying a steady buildup towards this when the buzzer went off. Within seconds, I warned JJ that I was about to cum, but to my surprise and delight, she only accelerated her efforts, resulting in a wonderful CIM.


I was very interested in what she would do next - she treated me to a very pornstar performance of

letting the jism dribble slowly out of her smiling open mouth into a waiting tissue. It would have made an incredible ending to a porn movie!


We showered together, quickly dressed and I gave JJ a $50 tip to reward her outstanding service. She gave me a sweet goodbye cuddle.


Guys, this one is definitely a gem.




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