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MJ August 08 Dandy Belles



I had been a member of this site for about 3 weeks, when after reading the reviews posted on here, I decided I would like to meet MaryJane. I sent her a PM asking if she would be at Dandy Belles anytime in the near future. A message came back saying Saturday 2nd August from 7.00pm till late. I was on the phone straight away, "1hr booking with MaryJane at 7.00pm please".


Now you have to understand that I don't normally book in advance somebody I have never met, (I did this once before after reading her profile on the parlours Website. We didn't click at all, a waste of 1hr), but MJ comes highly regarded by this site, so I decide to take a chance and book the 1hr.


Saturday arrives and at 6.10pm I make my way over to Dandenong, I arrive at about 6.45, sit in the car park for a few minutes before going in. "Have you been her before", the receptionist asks, "yes" I reply. "Actually I have a booking with MaryJane for 7.00pm". She checks, I pay and sit down. At this point I still have about 10min to wait and my mind starts thinking of the other time I booked somebody I didn't know in Advance. I'm getting more nervous by the minute.


MaryJane finally comes out, my heart is pumping fast, will we click. We say "hello", chat for a minute or two, then she takes hold of my hand and leads me up the corridor to her room. The chat with MJ seems to have had a calming affect on me, as by the time I'm in her room my heart seems to be back to normal. Once in the room, I undress; MJ does her thing and leaves while I have my shower. She returns just as I finish drying, we chat a little more.


At this point I look at her. She is true to her description and pictures on her website and FIA, but somehow much more attractive in the flesh (if that's possible). She undresses and walks over to where I'm standing, puts her arms around me and kisses me.

OMG unleash heaven.


From the time we get onto the bed, all the positions we try, to the way she puts condoms on (how does she do that?) This was by far the most pleasurable time I have ever spent with a W/L. Before I new it the buzzer had sounded, I hadn't crossed the line yet, but MJ had other ideas, within a few minutes I was there.


We jump in the shower together, she rubs shower gel on me, we dry and get dressed, all this was done while we are still chatting away. This girl is so easy to talk to. She has a bubbly personality but also likes to tease.


Its time to leave. We kiss, "thankyou" I say, she says "you're Welcome". Grabs hold of my hand and leads me back to reception and we say goodbye. I open the door and go and sit in my car. What just happened to me.


Answer, simple. The MaryJane Experience.



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