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Cheetah September 08 New Palace



After reading Classics review of Irena, I decided it was about time I went to the New Palace in Carrum Downes to see what it was like


It's a fairly modern building in an industrial area with the car park at the rear.

After parking I walked over to the reception area and was let in by an Asian guy who spoke English very well. He said hello what's your name? I told him, he said have you been her before. I said no. He said well it's nice to meet you then Pxxxxxx. He then led me through to a smallish bedroom where I would meet the ladies.


We have 4 ladies working at the moment all Asians, I said OK

They came in each in turn after the previous one had left and introduced themselves. I didn't ask any of them what sort of service they provided, I was just blown away by there beauty, what had just walked before me was 4 of hottest looking Asian women I had ever seen, different shapes and sizes but all in proportion.


The Asian gentleman returns and looks at me, I look at him and gently shake my head from side to side and say I don’t know, he smiles at me and gently nods his head as to say yes I know what you mean.

Now if you intro 4 ladies there is normally 1 that sticks out for one reason or another, but in this case none of them did.

I spent the next couple of minutes saying, now which one was xxx and no2 was xxx and that one was the 3rd one I saw, in the end I chose no1 her name is Cheetah.


The guy leads me from this bedroom to another which is larger; it has a separate shower room with a basin and toilet in it. This is something you don't often come across (well I haven't anyway), I've only seen this once before at LFG in their largest room. He leaves me to shower and says she'll be along in a few minutes


I've showered and am standing in the room drying myself when there is a knock at the door, in walks Cheetah. We say hello to each other and she immediately takes off her clothes (not that there was much to take off) comes over and takes the towel and starts to dry me, arms, chest, back, bum, legs and finely the important bit, I'm pretty sure she was doing her check while drying me.


Once dry we both get on the bed and she asks what I would like? I say (as usual for me being the first time with a new lady). "You do what you want to do, what ever you're comfortable with". With that she says "do you kiss" "yes" I reply, she then puts her lips on mine, very soft and gentle, very slow movement, then her tongue is in my mouth exploring, my tongue starts to explore her tongue and mouth (this lady tastes nice). This goes on for a couple of minutes. Kissing like this always heightens my sexual awareness. (I don't always have to kiss to have a good time with a lady, but if good kissing is included it always takes it to another level. I have been very fortunate of late with good kissers, especially one lady whom I could just kiss for an hour or two. I find her kissing intoxicating, it just takes me over).


Cheetah now starts to move round to my left ear, which she is gently nibbling, sticking her tongue in and gently breathing into, around my neck to the right ear for some of the same treatment. Its time for her to start moving south, running her tongue across my body until she finds my right nipple, this gets a lot of gentle sucking and licking, moving across to my left nipple she takes it in her mouth and nips it with her teeth, not to hard but hard enough to make you take a sharp intake of breath.


Moving further south still licking as she is going down she finally arrives at her destination. She starts to lick my balls and that general area while her hand is playing with my cock. Her tongue works its way up my cock to the top around the base of the glands and to the very tip, then she opens her mouth and slides it in for a bbbj.


Once it's in her mouth, what with all the gentle slow sucking and tongue movement, I'm gone in less than 2 minutes. She only removed my cock from her mouth as I came and I saw my load narrowly miss her face. (3rd time I've come from a bj, 2nd W/L in a row).


Cheetah cleans everything up and we lay there just talking about things in general. I'm lying on my back, she is laying on her front with her arm across me. I'm looking in the ceiling mirror and said to her, you have a nice bum, she looks up at the mirror and said are you perving on me, I said, well that's what they are for. She just laughs.


She asked me how old I was, I told her and said how old are you? She said how old do you think I am? My reply was I don't like guessing in case I'm wrong and offend you. She said no go on, so I said 30ish, she said no I'm 44, I said really, she said, are you disappointed, I said no, I wouldn't mind you being 54 if you looked that good.


Now its time for round 2, we start with some more kissing, she lubes up for some body slides, then I get to suck on her perky D cup breasts (she likes that). On with the rain coat and she climbs on for some cowgirl. Now she lays flat on me and rolls over until she's on the bottom and we're in the missionary position. Lots more kissing and boob sucking and we get across the line after 15 mins or so together.


We get cleaned up and lay there for a few minutes, the buzzer sounds so I go for a shower and get dressed while Cheetah is showering.

When she is ready she leads me to the exit door which is not the same door you come in through so upon leaving you don't walk through the reception area. We kiss and say are goodbyes.




Born in Thailand to a Thai mother and Chinese farther (she told me). Been living in Oz for a long time.

English very good.




5'2" - 5'3"


Shoulder length dark hair


Brown eyes


Size 10D (very curvy)


Pussy shaven


All in all this was one of those punts you'll remember for a long time and I will definitely be going back to the New Palace again.



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