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Beck January 09 Dandy Belles



When a lady has her feet resting on your back and is running her hands through your hair while you're performing DATY and she's saying in a soft and slow voice, Oh my god. And at the end she says you can come and see me again! You know you got something right. Well that was my first session with Beck.

This review is about the second.


I phoned Dandy Belles to see who was working that day and was hit with three names; I knew all of them but didn't want to stay with any of them, so said OK thanks and was going to ring off when the receptionist said is there anyone in particular that your looking for, I thought for a few seconds and a name popped into my head, Beck I said, she said you just might be in luck, she phoned just now to say she was coming in to see a client. If you could ring back in 1/2hr I'll have spoken to her to see if she'll see you as well. I said OK.


I ring back in 1/2hr and she says yes Beck will see you, but she won't be available for an hr, that's OK and make a booking for an hrs time.


I arrive and am at reception paying ($205 for the hr) when Beck walks up and says hello, I say hello to her and say do you remember me, she says owe yes, I remember you, and with that it's off up the stairs to the bedroom and into the shower. I've finished my shower and was drying myself off when she comes back. She takes off what little clothes she had on and gets on the bed and puts some oil or lotion on her boobs and beckons me to rub it in. After much massaging, rubbing in and with the DFK this has had the desired effect on little mok and he's up and running ready for action.


I'm guessing but I would say that Beck has a size 10B frame nicely toned and tanned. She says I've got a new toy, I said OK what is it. She says it's called a magic finger do you want to try it, I said yes as long as it's something that's not going to get shoved up my arse, she just laughs. And with that puts a condom on me and gets into the 69 position and starts this thing vibrating and stars tickling my balls with it while doing cbj. It feels good being sucked off and having your balls tickled at the same time. While this was going on one end, I was eating at the other, and she was getting wetter and wetter, after a while she said you haven't drowned down there have you? I said I'm just about keeping me head above water. This went on for 10 or 15 mins until little mok couldn't put up with it anymore and he fired a salvo. At this Beck got off and started to clean me up, she then handed me some tissue so I could wipe my face.

After the clean up next was a massage, this was quite nice and then it was into round two. Plenty of DFK, along with cowgirl, missionary and doggy style. Then the buzzer went so that was that, didn't get to come a second time but it didn't matter because I had had fun and enjoyed all of it.

We showered and went down stairs, kissed and said are goodbyes.


Beck is a nice lady with whom you can have lots of fun. Ex Palace Playmates.






Age late 30's


Height 5' 4"


Hair Brown, past the shoulder in length.


Size body/boobs 10-B (natural) body is nicely toned and tanned.


Pussy Shaven




Would I see her again?


Yes, and this is a review of my second visit.


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