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MJ February 09 Studio 54



My first time at Studio 54, had a 2hr booking with MJ. I’ve arrived a little early as living halfway down the peninsula wasn’t sure how long it was going to take to get there, so allowed 1 1/2hrs but actually only took just over the hr. Finances settled, sat down on one of the settees to watch TV. The nice receptionist makes me a cup of coffee.


After about 25 mins MJ comes out to say hello, sits down next to me, puts her arm across my shoulder and kisses me. We have a little chat about things that each of us have been up to lately. After a few minutes she decides it‘s time we went upstairs, God is this place spacious or what, there is a huge area outside the bedrooms with a few settee’s in it.


MJ says would you like a tour seeing as you’ve not been here before, I say yes ok then. She shows me all the bedrooms and we finally end up at hers. It’s one of the rooms with a balcony. As well as the bed, there is a settee and massage table. Also has on suite facilities. The shower, you could get a football team in it, well a soccer team anyway. She does her inspection, kisses me and leaves me to shower.


Upon her return, I have just finished drying myself. She has brought me a glass of water, thoughtful of her. She puts the water down and comes over to me, our bodies touch and we start kissing and exploring each other, I undress her, suck and caress her breasts. It’s been a while since I was last with this lovely lady and it just feels so good to be back in her company.


We retire to the bed, I lay on my back, she lies on top of me and we just kiss and fondle each other for 10mins or more. I can never get enough of this lady’s kissing, absolutely divine.


Are encounters are always very oral from both of us. From the DFK she starts bitting my ear and sticking her tongue in it, works her way down to my nipples, licks, sucks and bits them then moves on down to little mok junior, who’s not quite so little since the time we first touched. There is some serious ball licking and sucking going on and also in the general area.


MJ is another of those clever ladies that can put a condom on with her mouth. She doesn’t hide this act from me now, but the first 2 or 3 times I saw her she did and you were never quite sure if she had or not. The CBJ is to the usual MJ standard, plenty of tongue action, licking and sucking as on an ice cream or icy poll on a hot day. Those big brown eyes following your eyes as she eats you up.


She starts to work her way back up to my face, giving my nipples more attention on the way past. She informs me that she has washed her hair especially for me. That’s because she knows how I love running my fingers through a ladies hair and especially hers being so thick (the reason she washed it just before I saw her is so it’s tangle free, got my fingers caught in it one day and she was not a happy bunny). I run my fingers through her hair gently trace the top of her head, then scrunch handfuls of hair and lastly gently pull my fingers through it as if my hands were combs right down to the very tip. I repeat this in varying orders 3 or 4 times.


She then moves in for some more kissing, which ends in us both nibbling and sucking each others ear. I then move down her neck and across her shoulders. I learnt a long time ago that most women like their neck and shoulders nibbled and chewed. MJ is no exception; it just makes her more oral in her advances and she starts doing the same to me, somewhere along the line we always end up sucking each others fingers sometimes but not always at the same time, today was no exception her fingers are in my mouth playing with my tongue and tracing my lips. I then move down to her breasts and start sucking and biting her nipples fairly hard, just as she likes it.


She stops me and says, I’m going to fuck you, then says would you like to try a femidom? I say why not, never tried one before. She puts it in, gently lubricates my cock and mounts me. Let me tell you guys, for those of you that have never tried one, the feeling is as close to bareback as you’ll get without actually going bareback. She rides me rough for a few minutes, then gets up and drags me across to the massage table, she lays across it sideways I stand in between her legs and penetrate her again, although it’s a massage table, there is no massaging going on, just fucking, fucking and more fucking. Oh I tell a lie, I was massaging her breasts at the same time.


After a while it’s back to the bed and missionary position. This position suits us both as we can start being oral with each other again. I’ve been slowly going in and out as on tick over but now can feel the funny little tingle from down below, so start to speed up, I can feel it building up higher and higher, MJ is close to coming too and we cross the line together.


We just lay there for a while still connected and talk and gently caress each other. After a while we separate and clean up, then just lay back and talk for a bit.


Round two starts with a bit of mutual masturbation, which gets us both nicely worked up, now it’s back to the oral in the 69 position (me covered offcourse). MJ likes receiving oral and I’m pretty sure she came again. She now climbs off removes the condom and starts to finish me by hand, while kissing me and licking my nipples. She can sense that I’m getting close and moves her breasts above my cock so it goes all over them.


She cleans use up and lies down again just as the buzzer sounds. After a couple of minutes we go and have a shower together. She’s washing me and I’m washing her. We finish washing are selves and get dressed. I drink my water while MJ sorts the room out.


We walk out and down the stairs to the reception area. I see 1 or 2 of the other girls on my way out. MJ cuddles and kisses me and thanks me for coming to visit her. I thank her as well then she opens the door and kisses me one last time as I walk through. We smile and wave to each other as she shuts the door.


That’s the end of my latest encounter with MJ. I always book 2hrs, because since my first encounter with her at Dandy Belles I know that 1hr is never enough time to enjoy this lady.


Also seeing her on a regular bases, means that you build a mutual trust and respect for each other. We know what we can and cannot do (the sex just flows) and that for me is what makes her a true GFE.





Age 26


Height 5’ 5"


Hair Long blonde.


Body/Boobs 12-14 C (natural)


Pussy Shaven.




Would I see her again? Yes


I’ve actually seen her about 8 or 9 times, all except the first time (which was 1hr) for 2hrs






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