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My Average Day



I'm not a full time Escort. I work a full day job and Escort at nights and the weekends. Plus I'm a single mum, who isn't! Therefore my days and nights are busy.

I wake at 0430, coffee until 5. The washing machine starts and dishwasher is emptied while drinking my second coffee. Shower time, lunches and start my face - 3rd coffee. Get dressed, wake the kids before I leave the house.

Work my full day. Come home. If I have a booking for the night, start dinner, washing comes in and sorted. Quick shower, touch up make up, escort lingerie on but mum clothes over the top. While kids are occupied, run escort clothes out to the car.

Make sure homework is being done etc and head out to catch up with Helen/Karen/Sarah, whoever apparently has a problem that night. Drive around the corner,park and change mum clothes for escort clothes! Go to my booking Love this job, wish I had started sooner, that's another blog to be written!

Most of the time I leave my booking in mum clothes, they get a kick out of it. Head home, check on kids, shower and crash. Usually I'm in bed by 11pm ish.

Then start again!! This doesn't leave a lot of time for replying to messages/calls which does upset some clients but I do the best I can. So if you are a client reading this, please understand we have other responsibilities/timing issues etc. Be patient, we will respond and if your escort is like me, someone who loves this job, it will be worth it.


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I think some clients might expect an escort to be sitting around watching their phone notifications all day, while being fully aware that she might be with another client, at her day job, helping Helen with stuff and just dealing with life in general. It's good to see it coming from the other side. Thank you.

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Thanks for sharing your reality - sometimes there just isn't all the time that any of us want - especially when you're a mum!

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I've requested SW be in comfy clothes,  trackies and tshirt or whatever makes them comfortable. Theyre gunna be naked soon enough.

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