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Chantelle June 09 Studio 54



Got to Studio 54 at 10.50am, as I had a booking for 11.00am. Lady hadn't turned up by 11.10am, so was asked what I wanted to do, I said as I have the day off, so I'll wait a bit longer, he said ok. Time had got around to 12.10pm. The receptionist said as you're here, you might as well intro the ladies. I thought about it for a bit and said yes ok then. I had intros with a few ladies, non of them took my fancy, so was back at reception, just about to leave, when in came an attractive women who went into the W/L's room, I said who was that, he said, Chantelle, do you want an intro, I said yes ok, and he told me to go back to the little intro room.


She walks in says hi my names Chantelle, I introduce myself and we have a little chat about what sort of service she gives. It's all good; anybody that reads my reviews should now what I like by now. So it's out to reception and pay for the hour. Chantelle takes me up to room 5. She informs me we have to keep the blinds drawn because there are workmen on the roof (I had noticed them when I first arrived). She leaves me to shower and says I'll be back in a few minutes.


When she returns I have just about finished drying myself, she says have you been here before, I say yes a few times but not in the day. She then asks if I would like a massage first or get straight into it , I say straight into it, no wait I'll have a massage first (I don't indulge in massages very much and on this particular occasion it sounded very tempting).


She started by doing my back and down my legs, then I turn over and she does my front until she gets down to little mok and she says, do you want me to carry on down you legs, I say no, for I'm sure she had noticed little mok was raring to go.


She comes back up and looks straight into my eyes, lowers her mouth to mine and starts kissing, then the tongue exploring my tongue. We kiss and kiss and kiss, I have a fondle of her breasts as we kiss. The kissing seems to go on for ever, but I don't mind when you get someone who can kiss as good as this.


She then plants her ample breasts in my face and I get stuck with these to play with for a few minutes, fondling, licking, biting, sucking, chewing, you name it, they got it and finally some more kissing.


She now turns round and puts a condom on little Mok and starts giving me a bj while kneeling to my side. Her oral skills are good. I slip my hand round between her legs and touch her pussy, I can feel a couple of piercings, I slip a finger inside and feel how moist she is. She gives a little moan as I do this.


After a couple of minutes she gets into the 69 position and I can dine to my hearts content. We are in this position for 10 mins or more, she is getting wetter and wetter and tastes so good. Then I can feel it, she is going to make me come and little mok fires while still in her mouth.


Chantelle gets off and cleans me up; we have a little cuddle and a talk. Her lips are now firmly planted on mine, tongues making contact and it's into round two. There is a lot of fondling of each other going on and little mok is raring to go. Just as she goes to get a condom, there is a loud bang on the roof right above us and workmen walking around in what sounds like hobnail boots, little mok doesn't like this and starts to disappear. Shantelle tries to recover him by hand but to no avail, little mok has let me down and gone into hiding. I tell her to give up as I don't think he wants to play anymore.


So for the last 20mins or so we just lay there talking (with the guys walking around on the roof). I know it's not why I was there, but she is an absolute delight to talk to, a well travelled lady and somebody who is as passionate about real football (soccer) as myself.


Now times up and it's the usual stuff, shower, tidy room etc. Back down to reception we kiss and say are goodbyes.


My only regret with this lady is that I didn't get to have sex with her, which I was really looking forward too. Oh well there is always next time.



Half Brazilian, half Chilean.


Age Later 30's but could pass for 29 - 30


Height about 5'0" - 5' 2"


Hair Short - Black


Body/Boobs 10 / C (natural).


Pussy Shaven.


Tattoo's 4 smallish ones on her lower back.


Would I see her again? Yes I would love to.



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