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A slightly more serious blog



Life is such a roller coaster.


The start of the year was shaping up to be a good year I was on track with my gym, on track with my work with new usiness opportunities, I had a new venue I was working from and removed work colleagues who were toxic and brought the whole lot of us down.


June rolled around and I went on holiday- Thailand 🇹🇭  wonderful and then off to Europe for tomorrowland music festival where I made some amazing new friends.


Coming back from holiday and down to my usual work life balance and I notice I'm gaining weight- 1kg per week. Bloods checked and my thyroid is slightly out. No biggie. Get the weight back in check and keep focusing.


I go to a family BBQ someone hits my car minor rear bumper damage. Doesn't leave a note 😢 The same day go to a local shopping centre another person hits my car in the front leaves a note. 😍 damage is now fixed 🙌 


I go to a music festival and have a rather large man jump on my feet- the aftermath = losing both big toenails. Unfortunately happened before my mums birthday weekend. (Thus has started to grow back but you never notice the social expectation of having something and then not having it)


My housemate and long time friend almost died after a workplace accident put him in bed for three 3 weeks. Nurse skyla to the rescue. Luckily for him I was able to change his bandages and cook for him so he got better quick 


I was then admitted to hospital one fateful morning with stabbing pains. I had developed a kidney infection. The medication made me sick and dizzy but I persevered. Once I was all better the extra weight I was carried dropped off me.


During this time a family member of mine experiencing similar symptoms says they have a kidney stone, later turns out it's lymphoma. Remains in high spirits


A light at the end of the tunnel I get to see Coldplay live. having a whirl of a time with a best friend i forgot to msg my pt and reschedule which eventuated in losing a friend, pt and cancelled gym membership all in one. (Going thru so much stress i literally forgot). Sussing out a new gym that is flexible between homes if I need to be innmy families suburb for a helping hand.


But wait it doesn't stop there. Fires that started in the bush almost ate my home. I was evacuated, lost washing to the fire and my neighbor sadly lost man's best friend. During the commotion my just healed housemate hurt himself trying to evacuate and is back on bed rest. 


I had a scheduled flight to Sydney to see friends and family be cxld due to maintenance and then had to rebook flights from Perth to international waters with passport in hand to get to Sydney. Took 11hrs with transit.


Got to have a small amount of fun in Sydney to then find my flight back to Perth cancelled. At breaking point now. Can't understand why everything is happening week after week with no reprieve.


Get back to Perth to find my very close family member is starting chemotherapy and I have to be there as both physical and emotional support.


I know this isn't lifes greatest curve balls for me but certainly has knocked the wind out of my sails.


Now can someone please stop with this voodoo magic and let me get back on my feet? 


There are silver linings to each event and I remain positive but damn as george carlin*** says life is a roller-coaster.

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Everything seems very hard when its happening, but after a little break from all the drama most of us bounce back better than before.  All you need to do is tread water for a bit longer. Luv

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@CaptainDarling thankyou hun as I said I remain positive just almost every second week for almost 6 months its knocked work around, its knocked me around and my health/business has suffered. 


I know there will be a moment I look back and say "this wasn't lifes greatest curve ball".


I'm off until the 27th December so I can de stress, re energise and also be present for my family 

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Hello there

sounds a shit of a year to be honest.. all I can say is that things which seem like huge hurdles and issues today generally become a bad memory tomorrow.. obviously health issues don’t come into that category but they also allow you to gain perspective and not let the little things weigh you down

have a great Xmas and new year 

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You are a strong woman sky! 


It's a wild ride but you will do fine!


Best thoughts with your family. Take the year off we will still be here 

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@Moses it's my blog, not really a space for anything but my musings. 


But didn't involve any love drama or surf lol

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