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Vanessa November 09 Bayside Angels



Went round to Bayside Angels, with the purpose of catching up with Carmen. Was told there were 4 ladies available to intro, so thought yea why not. First one in is Carmen, she recognizes me and smiles, we have a little chat and she leaves, the next two come in, one after the other with the same response to my questions, no to kissing, yes to daty. The last one Vanessa walks in smiling, I ask her if she kisses, yes she said, with tongue, yes, I then ask about oral on her? Yes no problem and with that she leaves.


Guy comes back in; Vanessa 1hr please was my reply (sorry Carmen). With finances settled $200, he takes me to the room. This room has a spa bath with shower head on the wall so you shower in the bath. I’m still showering when she comes into the room and takes her clothes off.


She takes hold of a towel and waits for me to get out; she dries me from top to bottom front to back. Little mok likes the idea of being dried by a naked lady and is proudly standing to attention, then she DFK’s me.


She pulls me over to the bed; she lays on it, stomach down, makes me stand at the edge and gives me a BJ. I climb on the bed and lay down, she kneels over me, DFK, then chewing my ears and neck, down to my nipples, she sticks her tongue in my belly button and moves down to little mok and just about licks everything before more BJ, she then moves back up for more kissing.


I lay her on her back, DFK and move to her breasts (quite a nice size, large B’s); I suck on them for quite a while. Then move to her pussy, full bush but not overgrown. I lick her pussy until she is dripping wet and having an orgasm. I lay next to her while she recovers.


She gets up more ball licking and gets a condom more BJ, then into the 69, know she starts to ride me in cowgirl,


We rest up for a bit and then start kissing again, which ends up with me fucking her in doggie and blowing my load inside her. Now the buzzer has sounded, so its shower time and get dressed.









Age 28


Height 5’ 6"


Hair Black 3 or 4 inches past the shoulder


Body/Boobs 8-10/B natural


Pussy Full bush.




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