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Bambi December 09 Pickwood Lodge



This was my last punt of 2009


Had made arrangements with Bambi, to catch up with her, at Pickwood Lodge. I actually arrived before her so sat down with a drink to watch some TV. After she had arrived and changed, she came over to where I was sitting and we introduced ourselves. Everything all good so made a booking for 1hr. She did inform me up front that no tongue was used in the kissing and DATY was an extra $30 (but I already knew this from her other reviews).


Went over to counter and paid $190 for the hour, got another drink and was lead upstairs by Bambi, into the room, a bit of a chat about this and that, pay the $30 and little mok has his inspection. With that passed it’s into the shower and dry waiting for her return.


Upon her return, she gets undressed and we kiss and fondle each other for a few minutes before retiring to the bed, more kissing, fondling and sucking of breasts, I slide a finger inside while still kissing. I lay her down and move in for some DATY. Bambi loves DATY and I loved administering it. She cums very noisily after 10 or 15 mins and became very sensitive to the touch.


We rest up for a bit. Then a condom is applied to me by mouth for CBJ, she is quite good at this and is starting to hit the mark. She stops and climbs on for some cowgirl, more kissing and fondling of breasts, after a few minutes we change to missionary and more of the same, kissing, fondling and sucking of breasts then I finely cum.


We part and Bambi cleans little mok up and lays down beside me. We had about 15mins to go and she was quite keen to give me a massage, so I said yes, go on then, I lay on my front and got a nice back massage, which nearly had me falling asleep.


Times up, so its shower time and get dressed. Before we leave the room, she kisses me on the lips and thanks me for going to see her. She leads me back down stairs to the secret back door to let me out (you can also use it to be let in once you know about it) and kisses me again and opens the door and I step out into the high 30’s heat.


That evening when I log into FIA there is a PM from her thanking me again for going to see her.







Age 24


Height 5’ 5"


Body/Boobs 12/D natural


Hair Long Blonde


Pussy Shaven


Would I see her again? Yes





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