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thepumper has a rant Feb 2009



Dear FIA members, its now timefor my first rant/complaint here on FIA.




Being relatively new to forums,it took some time to come to terms with the idea of writing reviews of visitswith the lovely ladies working in the industry that I have seen.


Several pushes from fellowmembers had me start to reveal some of my experiences along the last few weeks.




Well last night I was blownaway, LADY 2, whom I had been trying to organize a hook up for several weekssends me an email in reference to a recent review I made of a high end WL I hadseen 'LADY1' (names withdrawn to protect people).




See email below:




"Sorry for the delay but Ihope you've had a great week!




There is something I need toexpress to you after reading the womens forums and talking to 'LADY1'. Itotally understand men needing to write reviews etc. However as this is ourbusiness and livelihood I also think honest communication is a necessity too.Stating things like the lady in question was 2 hours late etc when it wasagreed upon via email she would be visiting you later in the evening and youagreeing to it isn't quite right to state she was 2 hours late.




I've worked very hard to getgreat reviews and worry visiting you I may be up for a pasting on FIA too ifthings don't turn out perfect? Sorry if I sound rude but I felt the need toexpress a couple of concerns! xxx"




Well did I say I was blownaway, let me say WTF is this about.


I will make several comments inpoint form for review from other FIA members.




1. I did not say that LADY1 wastwo hours late to the booking, I said we agreed to a later time, however shedid arrive 30 min late to the agreed time which she did text me along the wayto tell me she was running late.


2. Women's forums, it now seemsthat the ladies are linking our FIA alias names to our personal names anddiscussing it in the forums. I only use my real name on emails to WL's whenmaking bookings. And now my name is linked to my alias. What ever happened toprofessional discretion ladies.


3. My ability to write what Ithought was a balanced review has now been shattered as it would seem onlysuper glowing and positive reviews are acceptable to the ladies at the high endof the market.


4. In reality the review I madewas balanced and in fact some other FIA peoples comments that took somethings Isaid out of context were corrected by myself along the way of the thread. Infact I ended up defending LADY1 to others stating that with the right mood andchemistry I thought there would be real potential for a great experience.




What has this left me with,firstly let me say that the forum I believe has lost credibility, secondly thatthe women's forum as I suspected is nothing but a chance for the ladies tobitch about us blokes doing reviews, balanced or otherwise, thirdly now itseems I may need to spend my punting dollar away from Sydney due to the name Ihave made due to my balanced (not glowing) review of LADY1.




Sad, sad day for FIA. I amsorry guys but this is my two cents worth.








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