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TheProfs mis-adventures over September



Well I sent the other half on a little holiday and TheProf finds himself alone so off to Club-Striptease to have a very nice time with Tricia this nicely fills in Monday unfortunately I have work the next couple days so on Wednesday night I do a small striptease club crawl down King street I think after CS and Kittens I find the city clubs a little less exciting so really nothing to review for this part of the trip. Thursday lunch time checked out the Southern Comfort International sex show, not bad posted as a comment here from her performance at the bubble show decided to spend some time with Jade wasn't a good punt a review will follow and will also post a link here as well. I should have got a clue when I booked Jade and she was supposed to finish at 1:45 but finshed 1:10. I have done and posted my review on Jade hope I didn't come across as too bitter it is possible with the rate that SCI charges girls like Jade want to increase there turn over to make more money.


Well a good things come to an the other half has returned from holiday and have to go quite for a little while again.


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