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Moulin Rouge Brno - October 2006 - Magdalena



I know I said that clubs in Brno could be a bit of a rip off, and that´s why I tried the private services of the lovely Iva in the first place. However, like anywhere in the world, trying to organise a visit to a private girl plus the addition of the language barrier could be tricky. And so it was that during my last night in Brno I took courage and went inside the Moulin Rouge. Website: http://www.moulinrouge.cz/brno/




Even when I was expecting it to be expensive, I was surprised about the entry fee: 600 crowns (20 euros)... that´s a lot of money for the Czech Republic, and that was just to get in. Never mind, I paid and was given a card and five hundred dollars in tipping money. Drinks are put on that card and the idea is that when you leave, they scan the card and charge you the drinks... and if you used any of your tipping dollars, you have to pay 50 crowns for each of them. Needless to say, I went there with the idea of a shag, so tipping wasn´t in my mind but the question remained what sort of place was it? Was it a strip club? or an entertainment-enhanced brothel?


I walked in and I spotted a few girls sitting at the bar, not much reaction from them. Never mind, it was probably better to take things slowly. I ordered a pivo (beer) and my card was scanned for 150 crowns (the equivalent of 5 pivos at the pub next door). Anyway, a new stripper comes to the dance pole and she´s gorgeous, a body and face designed for pure sin. I look at her in lust and she notices it, so I get a smile back even when I wasn´t that close to the stage. I looked at some of the girls sitting at the bar and they were in another league lookswise; so it occurred to me that the place may have both: strippers and WLs. But by then I desperately wanted the blond stripper. Tough luck!


After a few minutes, she finishes dancing and it´s replaced by another girl. I was still sitting there and looking at her as she left the stage. She looked at me and came and sat with me. She spoke good English, so no problems understanding each other. The usual chit chat that with a girl like that is enjoyable regardless of the content. Her name was Magdalena, blonde, blue eyes but I guess you´ll get a better idea if I tell you that the way she looked and even the way she spoke (her voice) was like a Manga character. A body so perfect for sex that only a designer could create. She exuded sex appeal and the eros factor was 20/10. I liked Magadalena and she liked me or did a pretty good job at making it look that way. Conversation soon turned into kissing, kissing turned into pashing (she then looked around realising that such sort of behaviour is not allowed in public... just imagine pashing a stripper in front of everyone in an Australian club!). She asked me: "what would you like?"... I answered with a boner bigger than a house: "I´d love to fuck you", to which she innocently replied: "It is possible".


I knew I had expensive prices ahead of me, but I also knew that Magdalena was a fantasy women I would not come across again. Nevertheless, I decided to go for 30 minutes which was (including the room) over 2,000 crowns, can´t remember but maybe 2,500 (I remind you that an hour with a private like Iva is 1,500 crowns). In any case that was still less than 100 euros and hence still cheap for Australian standards... plus the vision of Madgalena made me think if she was the incarnation of the one of biblical fame. The transaction took the form of me buying her one of those stupid drinks they call champagne but I´m sure it´s only fruit juice; just a formality anyway.




She took me upstairs and asked me if I wanted a shower and I accepted. After than we met on the bed and we started pashing, and pashing, and more pashing... at one stage I thought I would come just by doing that. It´s hard to explain you but she was pretty special. Extremely soft, yet sinfully fit and voluptuous... definitely one of the sexiest women I´ve ever shagged. She went down on me and licked my balls. I was begging her to suck me... and gave me a fantastic blowjob... The sex was equally hot and after a few positions I had no problems whatsoever to finish despite all the beer I had consumed during the evening. It was very special and while still in cloud 9 I offered her one of the tipping dollar notes, but she refused. She said she had had a lovely time and that she hoped next time I came to Brno we would see again. Oh God, when will that be!


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