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Bambi @ Barabings. Released June 2010



Having finally shaken off the flu I was in need of some TLC. Not quite at full strength I thought some RnT at Barabings would be the way to go. Having previously seen Bambi in the winter of 2009 I thought it was time we did some tripping through the strawberry fields once again.


I ring up Barabings in the morning and enquire about Bambi’s availability. Teesh confirms she’s working so I lock in a booking. Fast forward a few verses and I am ringing the doorbell with those ‘greatest hits’ chimes. Teesh greets me at the door and leads me down the long hallway where I flirt a bit and settle the financials.


Bambi is called and struts in for our reunion. We have a bit of a chit-chat as we make our way upstairs to the room on the left – the table room. I gotta admit I am not really a fan of this kind of table top service. She assures me all is good, to pop in the shower and to wait like a good boy. I decide to go with the flow. On her way out I make sure Bambi understands the happy ending I am after. With a wink of an eye she indicates she knows how to extract the brew that is true. Bambi brings even more joy to my heart and restores my faith in humanity saying we’d settle the extras post session.


On with the show Bambi starts working on my back. It’s pretty tame and massage-like but soon I feel body on body. Bambi continues and there’s a couple of body slides happening. Every once in a while she lifts her leg and the slide turns into a trippy glide. Yes, this girl has improved.


During our session I am either gas-bagging or quiet as a mouse. Sometimes I am telling Bambi what I like and sometimes I ask her to pump up the jam here or there. The conversation flows very easily and while it can go off-tangent I am always making an effort to focus on 'us'.


It's time to turn around and let the good times roll on. There's more body on body action, sliding and some light nipple kissing thrown in for good measure. My fave part was the Spanish sliding and it's here that I tell Bambi this could become her trademark move.


Bambi heads south for my happy ending. She's got 1-2-3-4-5 senses working overtime but the valves in my amp are just not firing up. Not deterred and committed to the cause she just keeps on going. We switch positions and I am now sitting on the table. Bambi's kneeling before me, giving me a CBJ and every once in a while looks up at me. Gotta luv that look. Bambi's determination is reaping results and soon enough my amp goes into overdrive.


You say goodbye and I say hello,

Hello, hello, I don’t know why you say goodbye I say hello


With the gig complete we shower and get dressed. Bambi even checks to make sure my fly is done up. We go downstairs and bid each other adieu. I am on road and heading towards Penny Lane when I realise I didn't pay Bambi the extras. This gal puts her trust in me and here I go and do a runner. I think about the options: should I go back or should I continue on my way and settle the bill when next at Barabings. In the end I do a 180 and head on back to grovel and fix the bill up. To me, that was the fab thing to do. Especially after her super trouper effort to give me my happy ending.


Bambi told me she may be cutting her hours when I was there so I am not sure about her current availability. If anyone has any updates, please sing out.


Cheers and thanks for the listen.


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